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July 10, 2012


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Sarah Jackson

good for you!

Thanks for the film recommendations. I'm doing a ton of hand sewing/quilt binding this month so that'll be perfect. I also found that the Craft in America series is streaming on the PBS website, so I've been busy watching those too. They're fabulous.

Meg Evans

Fantastic flowers! I've been watching movies by myself when Rob is out of town (which has been fairly often this summer). I'll have to look for your recommendations at the library.


Congratulations! What a good and fun thing to do!


Thanks for the Netflix recommendations! I needed something new to watch! Awesome picture!

Lisa Q

what fun to sit and draw and color..love those summer time colors and flowers. Abigail was brilliant with the paper punched stars!


You're a good artist. What a nice way to spend some time. I have lots to do this summer too but I'm trying to do it a summer pace. Love the fountain in the last post.

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