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July 07, 2012


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I love this post... especially after having a new baby I'm finding myself wanting to still live how I did before having him and knowing that I can. He's just a little guy who, yes... needs lots of attention but if I don't let myself feel too busy I can find the time to do things for me and do things for my 4 year old. It's nice to take some time to rest and focus on this new joy we have, but also nice to realize we aren't too busy now for the passions and things we loved in our life and he'll just be a part of them. Thanks for sharing :)


So many great summer pics. My kids are in year round school here so our summer vacation is only 6 weeks. Hard because summer is so fun but I also like the length because we don't get much of a chance to get tired of any of it :) Here's to you getting some more crafting/creative time in because selfishly I love seeing all you creations :)


I feel like I've been out of focus for seven months. :) Haven't created a single knit project, which makes me really sad. Guess I need to stop feeling sad and start getting back my focus. xoxo


this is a great reminder for me, too. when i get wrapped up in making something i love, the girls tend to find their own projects. taking your lead, and getting back at it tomorrow. thanks.


Ha! I said the same thing to myself the other day. I have a sweater that needs buttons and another that need sleeves. I can do it! On the other hand, I too, have been reading a lot. It brings me back to my summer days as a youth when I would devour books all summer vacation!


I've been finding my own focus lately, and it is great! After being in baby survival mode, I'm beginning to let go and realize that she doesn't need me every single second...and a little mess every now then is no big deal :)
Enjoy your summer!

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