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July 18, 2012


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Sarah :: greenclogs

Yay! I need to go focus on my garden today, so I'm glad I'll be posting this afternoon. I love what you've found. Will you spend the afternoon focusing on your future garden?


Sarah, sadly the tomatoes and peppers that we did plant (and protect with some chicken wire)are being eaten by all the deer in our new yard. They just walk yard to yard and munch on anything and everything. Only neighbors with real fencing have anything resembling a garden around here. We'll need to work on that for next year!


What is the fruit that your son is looking at? I love the idea of focusing.


Thanks Beth. Those are pomegranates - on a tree. We've never seen them growing before! There's a close up of the pomegranate in the 7th photo from the bottom.


The photos are just gorgeous! I had no idea that you were back blogging, I have been missing you so. I am off to catch-up on all that you have been doing :).

converse cuir homme

Tweede snack is alles overgoten met kersen jam Trader Joe's. Perfect op brood, ijs of recht uit de pot. We hebben geen aardbeienjam dit jaar, dus we maken doen!

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