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April 27, 2012


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So nice to see a post after all this time.

beth lehman

missed you and thought about you not that long ago - when thinking about another blogger i used to read way back when i started reading blogs. (i live in blacksburg, va and have kids about your kid's ages.) i always enjoyed reading about your kids and crafty pursuits. i imagine your time is taken up just by managing two households!


I can't wait to catch up with you, Larissa!

Jacqueline Jones-Blacker

So excited you are back, you have been missed!!!


Hooray! I'm happy that you're back. Just this week I was thinking about how I missed your lovely bloggy presence.


How exciting! Looking forward to it! I used to love reading your blog because as a mama of little children myself (2, 3 and a not so little 10) it all seemed so sane and civilised in your family of school aged children. Gave me something to look forward to when things got all a bit overwhelming here! happy birthday and congratulations on becoming the mom of a teenager.


So nice to hear (read) from you! I have also taken a step away from blogging and such to hang out with my kids. Can't wait to hear more about your new home!!


So nice to hear that you will be posting again. I have missed your posts. It seems like you have been a super busy lady. I can't wait to hear more about your new home.



So glad you are back! I missed you!


Welcome Back!! I remember the whole idea of making the move to the city, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it and your new life there. So exciting! You've been missed!!

Lisa Q

can't wait to hear all about it...sounds like much has been going on! Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many hours you've logged in that mini van? Missed you much and glad to see you back in this space! Congrats to Ezra on his Bar Mitzvah and best wishes to David as he keeps up the computer competition tradition! (you can do it David!!) Hope Abigail is doing well...I'm sure she's just blooming and growing more and more beautiful!


hi, sweet friend! so lovely to hear from you once again and most especially to learn that you are doing well and thriving in the city. looking forward to hearing more from you soon. and happy birthday!!!! xoxo


Welcome back! I have missed your posts. I am very interested to hear about your new city life. :)


I'm happy to see your back. Can't wait to see your new home. I'll admit I'm an inbetween girl. I don't live in a city but I value the fact that here in town I can walk to get whatever I want. I look forward to hearing your adventures.


Yay! Welcome back! Can't wait to see your new home and enjoy your city adventures with you!


I'm glad to see this post. I will check back again. I enjoy your writer's voice very much!


Yay :o)

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