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April 16, 2011


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It sounds like it was the perfect vacation. I'm glad you made the est of it.


love it. way to go.


Sounds marvelous!


I'm glad you had such a wonderful vacation. My husband is in the dissertation portion of his doctorate program and so I know all to well how hard it can be taking trips away from daddy because he has to work...love the quote!


Looks like fun! I hope you weren't nearby and didn't let me know....I would have loved to meet up with you!

Amy J

So glad you had a good time! And we also are a family that can't always have our daddy w/ us on vacations....so there are always lots of pictures and the kids pick out a treasure from our trip to share with him. (He's starting to get quite a collection of rocks..ha!)


Sounds awesome! I feel like packing my bags right now!!!


What a wonderful time! Looks like you made the right decision.


Good decision! I am glad you took some time off. I dream of going to the beach soon!


It sounds like it was a special weekend for all of you.

Lisa Q

what a wonderfu, time the four of you had together. I love that you did what made you happy and that you enjoyed it too. I miss the beach....it's so nice that you take spring trips to the beach when it's not so crowded or hot.


What a wise choice you made! I'm surprised you thought you wouldn't have fun without your husband. You're one of the most creative and involved moms I know...the kids just couldn't be bored around you! I love the list of simple pleasures that made the trip memorable. So thankful you are home safe and sound...and were kept safe from those tornadoes!


How very delightful!!! I'm sorry hubby was tied up with work but that happens and I know for myself that I've missed out on many things I would wish to do because a work commitment took priority. But he would have felt even worse if everyone had missed out on his account.

Hope you had a nice Passover celebration ~ and are enjoying lots of coconut macaroons - LOL


What a wise momma you are. So happy you had a good time, sounds and looks (your pics are great) like it was wonderful!


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