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March 23, 2011


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Sounds like a busy week. My little girl has a puppy that goes everywhere with us and also takes a bath while she is in school :) We have year round school so a shorter summer break (6 weeks) and november and march off...so I have been away from the computer a lot this month soaking up time together before she goes back to school...those days off together are important.


I took a photo just like the one of the pencil crayons. I actually did a double take when I saw yours. Pencils crayons in a mason jar...they promise so much fun.

Lisa Q

So glad you were safe driving those worn out tires! my goodness girl, you got your money's worth out of them. Love that photo of abigail with her hand on her heart....too precious. happy birthday to your guy...12 is the best year ever! I'm so glad you are enjoying your days. It is evident that you've knit together a wonderful life for you and your family! Hugs to you friend!


With all the talk of cuts in education, I must confess I'm hoping that Texas goes to a 4 day school week. But I doubt it will happen. Instead, talk is that they will be cutting our (the teachers') salaries. But maybe 10%. What's up with that? I know times are tough, but cut teacher pay? Really? Oh, well.

Love your randomness. It's always beautiful.

Beetnik Mama

What a busy week! No wonder you haven't been here!

Can I ask -- at what age did your daughter start on the bicycle with training wheels? Seems like the trend around here is to start really young. My daughter is 3.5, and everyone is telling us their kids were ready at this age. I'm thinking we should just get a Big Wheels or something. Any thoughts?


Whew ! What a busy week ! I'm impressed you kept up with everything even with a bad knee. I can't imagine you had much time to make things.


What a week! Strep throat is nasty. So glad the antibiotics kicked in. Mr Raccoon looks so cute and innocent up high in the tree. poor doggy to be the pillow on which he falls. It sounds like you need those quiet Mondays.


Strep throat, a bum knee and raccoon crashes...Glad all is okay. I enjoyed your randomness and wish you a calmer week ahead.


You're certainly living the good life!


What a week!!! How scary with the raccoon bite. Glad to hear you made it to the city and back ok with your bad tires. Hope your knee will be better very soon. It's nice to see that there were some fun moments in all the busyness.



I would have seriously freaked out if a raccoon fell out of my tree. It sounds like you handled everything so calmly! I hope your knee is feeling better. Your week hasn't been the best -- but brighter days are ahead.


All lovely pictures. Sorry to hear about your knee, and the cause. I LOVE ranunculus. I've only ever seen them in the store ONCE. I just bought some bulbs so hopefully I'll grow my own this year!


Holy moly, what a week! Wishing you a less eventful week this time round :)


Wow, what a full and wild week! Glad to hear there were some wonderful moments amidst the crazy ones (possibly rabid raccoons falling from the sky?? you're so brave). And your pictures are really lovely.




I can NOT believe that raccoon story! I'm so glad it ended well for your sweet pup :-)

Happy birthday to your boy! One more year until you have (gasp!) a teenager in the house!!!

Thanks so much for sharing all this randomness ... it's lovely, lovely, lovely!


Lovely week you had..except for the bruised knee ;o(
It's the little moments that make our lives!


What a crazy week, the raccoon, the tires, the fall, but happy Mondays and Birthday's sound just wonderful! Keep on enjoying all that life brings :)

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