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March 02, 2011


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I love how you say, "encourage the kiddos to keep their things neat and put away." What about encouraging me? I'm a wreck, a wreck in progress, but I would love my undies to smell like lavendar too.

There are so many happy fabrics out there now. This is so dangerous. I need to hobby focus.


I meant to send you a message this morning after I read ROTH, but the day kind-of got away from me....

Anyhow, when I was first looking at ROTH, the very first article I went to was yours -- except I didn't know you wrote it. I was thinking how lovely these lavender drawer liners are. I should have known it was you! What a great idea. I'm so glad you've got a quality control supervisor in the house.

Aussie Maria

These sound like a great idea and a wonderful gift - I love the scent of lavender


How pretty they are! I'd love to win a set! Glad you're feeling better, there has been so much going around lately.


I love what "elns" says about needing "hobby focus"! I could use a dose of that too.

I'm glad you're feeling better. So many kids in my daughter's k'garten have been out with the icks this week. Take good care!

I read the ROTH from cover to cover in about three different sittings today. It's a very good issue in my opinion. I have a good amount of dried lavender left from holiday gift-making and plan to make some as gifts. Winning your giveaway would be a bonus. :) Thank you!


These are beautiful! I have been so sick this winter and I had the flu shot; I am a teacher, so I should expect it. I hope you are feeling better!

Beetnik Mama

Oh, these look wonderful! Scented drawer liners are so rare anymore, it seems. I'd love to win these!


Amazing giveaway! I confess that I need encouragement to keep my undies neat and put away :-)

Hope you're all feeling better soon!


They sure look yummy. I'm your great fan and it would be an honor to get one of your own work to add all those I've made by your tutorials. Have a great day.


Your liners look wonderful! I haven't had time to pour over ROTH but I can't wait to see your contribution! Sorry you have been ill, I hope the end of your week is relaxing and you can catch up and feel fantastic this weekend.


if i won i probably would smell my underwear, too! your drawer liners are so pretty (love the fabric!) and i bet the scent is amazing. thanks for the chance to win.


glad that you are feeling better. sometimes i love just sitting in the car while my kids are practicing soccer. forced down time. perfect for knitting : )

your drawer liners are beautiful.


Just when I was wondering what's new to make. I'm imagining these would help keep the moths away ! If I don't win one I'll be making one or two or three !!!


Oh, they are beautiful! Nicely done. I'll hop over to peruse the articles, too.


Oh go ahead & put my name in the hat!


Oh, I can see my daughter doing the very same thing! These are really lovely.


I have so enjoyed reading your lovely blog. Thank you for the opportunity for such a wonderful giveaway!


Such beautiful fabrics, I love these. Thanks for the opportunity!


They look so beautiful. I can only imagine how fabulous they smell. Thanks for the chance.


How pretty!
Thank you for the opportunity to win.
I hope to use a couple of your tutorials in the coming months to finish repairing a quilt for my little one. So thank you for those as well!


Lovely giveaway. I love lavender. Hope I win!


Oohhh thank you for the opportunity to win one of these! I love love love your tutorials and win or lose i will have a drawer liner soon haha. Thanks again! Happy to hear you are feeling better too, have a great weekend.

dani@little fists

What a great idea!

Man. I wish I were your kids' teacher.

Kelly D

Thank you so much for the chance to welcome spring in with such a sweet gift. So cute and a wonderful idea. Love it! thanks kellyd


Wow, Larissa, you're published! Congratulations! I realize this might not be your first time, but very nice all the same. I love lavender, I am going to have to hunt some down! Definitely a great gift idea.


wow, i'd love to win these, i actually came to your blog because i saw this at the rhythm of the home and loved it so much!


Hello there.

I think kids are the best quality contoller.

Nice weekend to everyone!


I'm going to make these just for me. Something to make me feel girly! Have a great weekend Larissa!

Lisa C.

I love this idea and your are so beautiful! Sometimes a nice scent is such a great pick-me-up during the day!


first, I'm laughing at the "quality control" process in your house. he. he. she's just so darn cute!
second, what a wonderful idea!! this just might be the inspiration I needed to finally clean out my drawers and closet! these would make those spaces oh so pretty!
third, I'm thankful you're on the mend!
have a wonderful weekend, Larissa!!


Those are lovely!


What a great idea! I live in a house full of boys and something smelling good coming out of the drawers would be refreshing!


What a wonderful idea! It's just the kind of detail that my kids would love : )


They are so pretty!


Thanks so much for the chance to win something really neat. I have been looking for something a little more lasting to make the drawers smell better for a while now!

Hope you are feeling much better. Nothing worse than having to keep up the normal pace of life when all one feels like is laying around doing nothing!

Love your blog~looking forward to more knitting posts~hint. giggle

Lena Nilsson

Looking forward to be able to smell any kind of lavendar, after my stuffy nose clears up. It would be so fun to win something, but if I wouldn't I will consider making some myself. Hope you feel better!


Oh I just read your piece in the Rhythm of the Home and was dropping by to tell you that it was such a neat idea. I really love lavender!


I just found your blog from ROTH and was so very intrigued by your lovely drawer liners! I have been searching for drawer liner paper for years (does anyone even make that stuff anymore?) and now I (you, essentially!)have solved my problem! :-) Thanks so much - your giveaway sounds great, too!


Such a sweet way to freshen up the house for spring!


You don't need to put me in the drawing, but I think this is a beautiful and thoughtful give-away. It's so you.


would love to win those beautiful liners!


I hope I am not too late. I would love a chance to win these.



I'm so glad to have discovered your blog (via ROTH), thanks for the sweet giveaway!

Lisa Q

stink. i totally missed this! I cracked up about the part of abigail loving to smell her undies in the morning. she's such a cutie!

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

LOL @ smelling the undies!
The sad part is that I would probably do the same thing. :D

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