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March 11, 2011


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Abigail did a great job coordinating the whole shoot. I love the stripes. Beautiful sweater and with the power to make one run faster!

Beetnik Mama

Just darling! Both the sweater and its model!

She can style my look any time!

Lisa Q

perhaps I need to knit one for myself....in those exact colors! I could use the extra umph in my day that that sweater seems to give. Great job Abigail, you wear that sweater well. And great job Larissa, you amaze me with your knitting recipes. love the fun in this post...have a great weekend friend!

Meg Evans

Beautiful cardi, beautiful girly! And I love how simple top-down raglans are.


it's fantastic, larissa! and cheers to abby for her personal style. xoxo


I've never seen instructions like these. It looks like it could be easy! You did a beautiful job. Who knew a sweater could be this versitile and I agree with Lisa I could use the umph that the sweater seems to be delivering.


Gorgeous sweater!

I just adore Abby's spunky suggestions for posing :-)


adorable! this only compounds the itch i've been feeling to knit lately - i cast on last night :)


So adorable! Love little girls and their action shots. Abby is right that it does make for a more interesting photoshoot when she is showing us so many things :)


I bet this photo shoot was the icing on top of the cake for you! To see her so happy and enjoying your handmade knit...priceless!

Amy J

Just lovely (both the girlie and the sweater!) You had me laughing outloud, your photoshoot looks/sounds similar to ours. And school...yes, my 6 yr old has several of those too ;)


What a wonderful mama gift. Can't help but love the photo shoot and the narration. Thanks making me smile...


Those colors are so pretty together and your daughter looks so happy!


Hehe...very cute. I must admit to being an opinionated girlie myself...and I have to say that I think the polka-dot-pants go very nicely in a whimsy way with those daisy buttons that I'm still ogling. : )


So gorgeous! Those colors look so great on her with her dark hair! She is definitely a little sweetheart, I can tell! What fun she must be!

I was so excited to see another knit from you. You do beautiful work,and you do a perfect job of pairing up yarns with a pattern.


Your daughter is adorable and the sweater looks great! Yes versitle in deed :). I love the name of the yarn too, one of our favorite things over here, i usually have a batch going. Fun Pictures hope you have a lovely weekend!

dani@little fists

I adore the colors you chose. And the stripes getting larger is such a great touch.

Your girly wears it well.


The colors you used are wonderful and the sweater looks great on your daughter. She's a great model. :) Thanks for the comments on the blanket on my blog. I'll have to keep visiting you now just to see how you use the same colors. :)

Earth Mama

Absolutely wonderful! And your daughter made a very entertaining show for sure with the sweater in action.



How cute!! I love how she wanted to show us what she can do while wearing her pretty sweater.



oh larissa, it is absolutely FABULOUS!
the color combo is sooo great.
and of course, your model is just about the cutest little thing, ever!!!


cute, cute,cute! I want one for myself!

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