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February 15, 2011


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Meg Evans

What a wonderful gift you gave your loved ones this Valentine's day. And re-purposed gifts are the best--I just gave some knitting projects that didn't make their original deadlines as Valentine's gifts!


Those quilts are going to be lovely! And the rabbit--too cute! But time is, indeed, a better git. : ) Good reminder!


The gift of time is a wonderful and priceless gift for your family.

I had plans to make my kiddos little Valentine's bears but they are still in pieces so I am thinking maybe Easter? The bunny will be so cute for your little girl. I made them for my kids last year and they turned out adorable! Happy Valentine's Day to you!


So precious.


Wise and wonderful ~ a great reminder of what's important in life :) Love the cute bunny you are making. Don't laugh but Steve wants a toy. I've settled on a bear (with his assistance).


You are so wise!! You made the exact right choice. Glad you all enjoyed it!!


Beautiful hearts. Time is a precious gift, one that always seems to please when I take the time ;) to give it!


Perfect advice. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!


I think you had the best day. Now you can enjoy all you projects. I love the button heart.


The best of plans, huh? It sounds like it all turned out a-okay anyway. And you've got yourself a reprieve -- no point establishing deadlines, they only disappoint you when they're not met. Those roses are gorgeous!

Lisa Q

What a great mama you are...I'm sure they love time spent with you way better than any gift (as wonderful as it might be) I'll bet that pixy stix sugar was fun to clean up! Keep smiling mom. Those quilts are going to be amazing. I'm in awe of the squares you've already done. Is that a little cotton rabbits pattern? You'll have to let me know how it turns out, I've always wanted to try one of those. So cute. Have a great week friend. Enjoy the sunshine!


looks like your Valentine's Day was full of giving and receiving of love! those quilts are going to be absolutely beautiful. you are one awesome mama!! oh to be like you.


Great little reminder that message is and so true. Glad you had some fresh air and sunshine to enjoy sounds like a lovely day you had together. Happy crafting friend, looking forward to seeing your finished projects whenever they get done :). Have a great week!


A perfect gift, indeed.

Those future spoils are going to be beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! ((( hugs )))


Kids do thrive on our presence - physical and mental. I think you gave them the perfect gift. That said, I'm curious now to see how the quilts turn out with their names. I reeeeally like that idea.


the gift of time is the best one! and those quilts will come together lickety-split once you get going. i'm getting ready to make another one soon!


Wonderful post. Our time is what they want and need.
I will be trying out your granola recipe, sounds yummy!

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