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February 03, 2011


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Hi there Larissa! What a wonderful post. Of course you left me intrigued with your sewing. And for the record, snacking right off the cutting board is extremely satisfying.


I too, am a huge fan of the "cheeseboard" as we call it in our house.

I am a new e-reader convert and I'm really happy with the Nook my MIL (mother in law) got me this holiday season. The Nook allows me to check out books from my local library. Yay! Though honestly I have just been purchasing books or getting some free classics. I truly believe it will reduce the bookcase overflow problem.

Nice post today. I'm not sure if I want to snack or knit now!


I loved reading all those bits about you! I agree about the reading and lately I have been getting audio books and listening while I knit (they have them at the library which is great). Loved the Girl with the dragon tatoo series, so sad it's over, I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful weekend!!


I loved getting to know more of those little bits that make a person who they are.

I don't paint my nails, I too love the beans-rice-salsa thing, we don't have a lot of random stuff, and I wear my contacts more than anyone ever should. Really, the zombie eye wasn't a shocker.


Did you know that "chai" means "living" in Hebrew? So I read on the Tazo box at least.Your snacks look so tasty and I've been enjoying your blog for a little while now. Thanks for sharing bits of your world!


Such a warming post! It is always nice to get to know neighbors a little better. You have inspired me ever so much! Just what I needed and I too agree that slowing down is a good thing. I've enjoyed my visit here...again.
Have a wonderful weekend,


oh, so much to comment on!! Yes, yes and Yes - I agree with so much you wrote.


So much fun to read this. If that's your kitty in the picture she is the triplet of our two "twin" black kitties.

I have wanted to see the space museum in your parts, I think it opened after I left the area (which gives you an idea of how long ago that was!).

I agee with so many things you said--the love/hate relationship with the computer, noise of the tv interfering with your thinking, love of good movies, using notebooks for your projects, misgivings about "stuff" and how they can be a burden more than a help...and on and on...

Meg Evans

Hello, friend. It's so nice to hear from you. When we were away on our trip, I didn't touch a computer for five days. It was such a nice break. Maybe I should think about implementing "black out" periods while I'm at home. I'm sure I could live without constantly checking email!

I wish I spent my time before bed reading. I should work on that--but wouldn't it be great if we could read AND knit? Just need an extra eyeball or two...

I hope your weekend brings you what you need. Stay well.


What a beautiful post ~ pictures and lots of inspiration! I loved the nature movies they used to show in grade school where it began with a paint brush. I wonder if they still show those.

PS Ever since bloglines changed its format I've been without a reader so I use Ravelry and I couldn't seem to find you on there????


I'm SO with you on toenail painting and pen-and-paper writing. : ) Also glad to hear that your family is feeling well again!

Oh, and I think that rainy-day walks should count instead of going to the gym at least sometimes!


Enjoyed learning more about you, great post!


This is one of my favorite posts. I spend my Saturday mornings browsing through blogland and when I read this post it made me want to turn off the computor and just enjoy my day. Too many lovely things you have commented on . I checked out the Vitamin C quartet..brilliant. I with you on the brown rice and black beans. They are my fav. Enjoy your days and thank you for reminding me to just be.


I really enjoyed this post. It is so fun to to learn bit and pieces about the peoples spaces we visit. Wonderfully inspiring you are, now off to slow down and just take in the day, thanks for the reminder!

Lisa Q

so glad everyone is healthy...love the sweater you're working on. those colors are wonderful. I can't wait for the snow to be gone so I can stroll through the woods again. It sounds like your days are full and wonderful. I often have trouble deciding whether to knit or read. One day I'll be able to do both...maybe?


There are so many good things in this post. Thanks for sharing. Love the movie Once. love.love.love it! Have a good week!


I love dunking oreos in milk and reading your blog! he. he. Love that you shared so much of yourself in this post. wonderful, wonderful YOU! You inspire me to slow down and enjoy these mothering moments. I have to admit to being frustrated and stressed over the past few months with "all of it." Coming here helps relieve that stress. xoxo


Loved reading and learning more about you. I love books and don't even think I want an e reader but I do have too many books. Is there such a thing?

Glad everyone is feeling well.


Marilyn Podoll

I'm sorry I read this one and had a vision of you jumping out of bed in only a tee shirt and boots and going to the bus stop!!!
Made me laugh!!


This was a great post!I know what you mean about being on the computer. You are SO lucky to have fresh eggs everyday! Black beans, brown rice and salsa...yum :)

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