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February 19, 2011


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such delicious browns.
why finish a wip if not to start another? ;)
i'm off to bed...hope you've been enjoying the warm weather.


What? No chocolate? :)


Very clever and very enjoyable, thank you!


Who knew brown could be so beautiful :)

dani@little fists

Oh, I just love the chicken dish and the eggs.

I store all my bulk items in Ball jars, too. They are so simple and pretty.


Mmmh, Coffee-Icecream! And I love the small wodden bowls. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


I love your quote and your brown pictures. I'll have to look around for brown today. Do you love your Homemade Living Book? I've been looking for a new craft book.

Lisa Q

brown is such an under-appreciated color. You did it such justice! Love all of your photos...I'm off to find some coffee ice cream. You're so inspiring. :)


love all the brown you found in your world! I love being inspired by you!


I could use some of that coffee ice cream right now. So yummy. Your dog is such a cutie. We had one like that named Davey. He was part hound and we rescued him from a shelter. Sadly, he had terrible separation anxiety. Such a basket-case. But, I loved him and still miss his presence.


you are taking such good pictures lately! I am loving your blogging style lately too. Have a great day.


Hi Larissa,
Lovely photos, what a great idea! I'm going to the Quilt Show on Sunday; let me know if you'll be in the area too for a meet up?

alyssa spring

LOVE the bowl of eggs and the jar of almonds...


I love the brown cupboard filled with white dishes. Your chicken is gorgeous and so are the eggs.



Wow, I keep looking forward to spring to give me inspiration. Thanks for reminding me that beauty is here. now.

beautiful photos!!

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