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January 13, 2011


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Love the hat! Adorable with pink polka dot boots. My 6 year old has those exact same boots!!


I love that hat! I'd wear it, with no complaining at all!!! I'm sure she will LOVE it too! And yes it really does look good on your daughter, I think she needs a pink one to match her boots ;)


Time for a pink polka-dotted tuva? Or can the world handle such a darling thing?

alyssa spring

Loveliest hat ever! I love that color blue so much....


I know what you mean about knitting for non knitters, its often true. The hat is adorable and your daughter looks so cute modeling it. My Shelby is 18 and she thinks "the hat is super cute" so I think your good there. What a wonderful gift that i'm sure she'll cherish.

Meg Evans

Great hat--and adorable model!


I really like it. The Mr. swears that I can wear *any* hat, but I don't often take advantage of this "gift". Maybe it's the hat hair problem.

I would totally wear that hat. I love the slouchy nature best. I'm sure she will be over the moon.

Lisa Q

I'm sure shelby loved the hat and it was so very generous of you to gift her some of your homemade knittiness! Your boys are to be congratulated for their accomplishments and you too mama for being their driver/encourager! Always love seeing what you've got going on...Happy weekend friend.


That hat is amazing! I love the bigness of it. And your little model is so sweet. Great job. I bet you made Shelby very happy.


Adorable hat and model!


I'm sure she loved her additional gift...and how generous of you to knit it up for her! Congratulations boys! What dedication you showed reaching this goal!! Have a happy week!

ps- so happy you're joining the adventure this year!


I think she will love that hat. My daughter is 17 and loves the slouchy hats. That one looks great.


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