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January 08, 2011


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Either that or they made you look more like Julia Childs. : )

Your new aprons are adorable (I especially like the blue and golden one), and your method of tackling the New Year's cleaning and organizing sure suits me!

a view from a brown dog

Oh my gosh you are funny. I really enjoyed your story, great! Those aaprons are adorable. Thanks for the inspiration now off to check my stash. Happy Saturday!


Thanks so much for the tutorial! Love the pearls :)


Oh GOODness can I find things that I MUST do before I clean... So glad I'm not the only one!

Lisa Q

I always like your fabric stash! The stash is always better on the other side of the blog. The aprons are so adorable. I'm feeling the need to update my apron wardrobe. In a big way! You probably gave those guys something good to talk about on their way back to the big city! And I totally love you philosophy on having the right gear for cleaning...perfect! Have a great end of the weekend.


I love your apron and the choice of fabric is great. I bet with an apron like that I would find the energy to clean anything ;0)


I love both aprons, but the second one looks so good on you, especially with matching cardigan! The pearls are a great touch too, I think everyone should wear pearls while cleaning :)


okay, very cute! both you and the apron : )


Funny story, I love your humour.
And lovely aprons...and pearls!


I'm in desperate need of an apron. I have had material set aside for ages but it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list.

Yours are fab.

The pearls take it to a whole new level.


I was just thinking that I needed to make a new apron. Thanks for the inspiration. btw, your house sounds like our house when deliveries are made. My dog just wants to play, but the delivery guys don't get that!

Meg Evans

I love it all--the aprons, the delivery men,and most of all, the pearls! You and Kristyn are giving me apron fever. It has been too long since I made an apron...


The pearls are great - I'm thinking June Cleaver. Since I haven't started cleaning I'm thinking maybe I need an apron first. I love the delivery story. P.S. June cleaver is my idol.


LOVE this! I smiled my way through reading your words. I love how you added the pearl recommendation. I need to pull those out more often. And I need to make this apron!! love your fabric choices and your NEW header!! xoxo


You are so lucky to be able to sew! If I could sew I would make tons of aprons and pincushions :)

I have a wonky washing machine too ~ I have to be super careful when I turn the knob or its going fall off.

"Roll Over" is a command on my To do list!

Sarah :: greenclogs

super cute! I made a new apron for January too. I think I need another one this week. My secret to no exposed seams is bias tape. Lots of bias tape.


Oh my gosh, I love this post! The apron is adorable (and I certainly understand how a new apron is important when taking on cleaning tasks). But the description of Delivery Dudes Meet The Crazy Country Lady had me giggling out loud.


Larissa- I literally giggled out loud at this post!! You are too funny! Beautiful aprons, beautiful fabrics, beautiful pearls. :)
Happy cleaning to you in 2011!


I love your story about the delivery guys. Thanks for sharing it with us.
And I must put the aprons on my To-Do-List for 2011. They are beautiful!


ha! i wore an apron most of the weekend because i was doing some major cooking, but I'm sad to say that my apron was store bought (oh, the horror!!). Your half aprons are so cute! It's been a while since I've made one, but I'm thinking I need to give this a shot. As I was wearing my apron this weekend (though it wasn't pretty) I was thinking that I should start making & wearing more aprons over my jeans, and even wear them out in public!! I wonder what kind of looks THAT would bring?


love this! You're right, tasks do require the proper tools and you were so right to include your new aprons. I'm sure they will make the house that much easier to clean and organize, especially if you're wearing the pearls. It's funny because I didn't think anything of seeing the pearls. Seems perfectly natural to me.


they are super cute, larissa! that amy butler floral is one of my all time faves.


These are so gorgeous! I would be much happier cleaning if I made up some of these :)

theresa/t does wool

that is some wonderful apron larissa.!!!


Loony? No way. Very classy in my opinion. How sad your delivery men don't appreciate very fine dogs. We always have to shut our pooch up too -- her bark is so much worse than her non-existent bite.


I love the delivery guy story. They don't know what they're missing not wanting to be out in the country. Too funny.

I think you look fabulous. I love your aprons. You always choose the nicest fabrics.



The aprons are stunning, such gorgeous fabric combinations! and look at you cute mama! : )


oh, they are just gorgeous aprons!!! and i love the pearls, too! you are no crazy lady to me, you are just lovely!

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