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January 26, 2011


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Thanks for all the links to that yummy goodness! I hope you are all feeling well soon and have a wonderful rest of your week.

Meg Evans

I agree with you--health is one of the best things you can pray for! Love all your recipes. We came home from Florida safely, and woke up to snow! The kids had a half-day today (it was supposed to be a half-day Friday, but was cancelled due to snow), and I'm betting on no school tomorrow. I just hope all my littles stay healthy. I'd hate for them to miss more school after all these stops-and-starts due to weather and travel! I'm making soup tonight. Snowy weather just makes me want to eat soup! Stay warm and healthy!


we've had some sickness as well. your food looks yummy. i made potato leek soup last weekend : ) take good care!!


Oh, my gosh. I'm so hungry already and then I spy your picture of the pumpkin muffins. I think I'll plead sickness and go home and back. yummm


Everything looks so yummy, and I am especially in love with the potato leek soup. That is going on the list for the weekend. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


You always have such good stuff coming out of your kitchen. My kids will only eat pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. It probably neutralizes all the goodness of the pumpkin, but it makes them irresistable!

dani@little fists

What a perfect post. Lots of yummies and good sentiments to match.

I want to make that granola...soon.

I ♥ Ellie Krieger. She is ace.


Those pumpkin muffins look so yummy! Love the hearts you've found, hope your days are filled with lots more :)


Sorry to hear your kiddos have been under the weather, well wishes to Ezra for a speedy recovery. Oh my gosh these dishes look amazing thanks for sharing the recipes. Those muffins and that soup are right up my alley. I see a place for them on my table soon :). Have a great day i hope you spy some more hearts!


You are so right about good health. I always forget how much energy being sick takes! Hope everyone is mending at your house and love the grapefruit hearts!!


and now i have SOUP on the brain... the potato leek sounds like a winner! thanks for the link.

oh, yes... baking the fruit... i have done that before and it has tasted burnt. i was the only one that would eat it... unless i picked it out for everyone else! :)

glad you are all on the mends... yes... health is SO unbelievably precious... i give thanks for it everyday.


health. health. health. seems to be on our brain too. I've had company all week due to illness. this is the first day I'm back to being alone at home...it's quiet!

your recipes look awesome! I think my kiddos would eat those muffins and soup. thanks for sharing all the goodness coming out of your kitchen!!


Yum, thanks for sharing your recipes and tips!


I hope everyone is feeling better soon. That soup looks so very yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipes.



Everything looks so good! Now I'm hungry! Hope everyone is on the mend!

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

I just wish I could eat your post! Hehe.


You are right, health is the key to everything. We should remember this omre often!


Wonderful post, it's always good to be reminded of what comfort food & a good day home can do. Please don't omit the "o" from God, be proud to state who you give thanks to! I would hope no one who reads your blog would mind!! Love to your family ;O)

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