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December 02, 2010


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Beautiful sweater! Thanks for your 'pattern' notes :). Love the scrap monsters. My kids have used my knitting scraps as worms for a worm/snake family since they were tiny....Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


I love your version of this sweater! I've already made one, have a second on the needles (it's a summer knit, so it is resting), and plan to make a 3rd along the lines of this one as soon as my yarn arrives.
Happy Hannukah!!

Amy J

I'm fairly new to your blog, but you made my day :) first w/ your sweater notes (love it!) and knowing the mushroom soup recipe is coming (yea!). Thank you! BTW, our daughters must be similar....glue and scissors (sometimes glitter) can make whole worlds...gotta love it!
Happy Hannukah to you and yours.


Yay!!!! I was hoping you would share that recipe! I can't quite knit to your caliber, but I can cook! :)


Verrrry nice and the color looks wonderful on you. I have yet to attempt a sweater, but my soon to be d-i-l insists that I will love it. Um hmm, and when I make the many mistakes I'm known for she'll be right there to fix them for me. Really, though, the sweater is beautiful

Meg Evans

It's just beautiful! I have some chunky navy yarn just waiting to be turned into something like this!


Tried and true indeed! Your sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly ~ enjoy :)

Love the sweater monsters!


That's a beautiful sweater -- the color is striking. And about that mushroom soup. I found a recipe from the NY Times that I think is similar (based on your ingredients). I cooked it up today for a quick dinner tomorrow. I'm anxious to see if it's the same as yours. It certainly smelled wonderful.


Gorgeous! And I love the sweater on your daughter in the other recent post--love the rich colors, great for fall.


I'm always impressed at how well your garments fit you!! You do the best job modifying the pattern to fit YOU! Beautiful yarn choice. Enjoy your celebrations. I know you'll make them memorable!!


Love the sweater, thanks for the pattern! I hope to make my first knitted sweater soon :)


I love your sweater and you are very smart to be able to adjust to make it work with the thicker yarn. In everything I do I'm a recipe follower. Happy Holidays to you too - it looks like lots of fun at your house.


This sweater turned out just great! Thanks for sharing all the notes ... I can't wait to make one of my own.
Happy Hanukkah!


Makes me wish I knew how to knit. 'Cause it's amazing.

Tell your girly that the sweater monsters are da bomb. Very original.

Can't wait for soup.


Great mods and beautiful color!


Wow Larissa, such a beautiful sweater. Thank you for all your notes.


Your sweater is gorgeous. Oh my, that color is flattering. I think I would love to knit one for myself. I would definitely add the extra length.


Your sweater looks so comfortable, and that is the best part, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your recipe :) I love the menorah picture. I thought of you as I was driving through town, the square has a big menorah!


Perfect sweater. I love the color!


Your new sweater looks so warm and comfortable. It is on my list and one day I will conquer the task of knitting or crocheting a sweater.

We have finally completed our kitchen and I have posted pics on my blog.



So simple and so beautyful! Looks great at you!


This sweater is just perfect in every way! I have been searching for just the right pattern and I have now found it. I actually HAVE this pattern, but didn't think about modifying it for heavier yarn! THANKS for the notes!!!!


FIRST- can I tell you. Your blog is wha tmy blog wants to be when it grows up. LOVE it.
Second, I had been looking everywhere last winter for something like this in the store. EVERY STINKIN WHERE. Apparently, I forgot I knew how to knit....
But this is spot on, exactly what I was looking for, ha, even the color, no joke, so I am going to be totally unoriginal and probably also use that purple-ish-pink as my 5 year old would call it. :)

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