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December 17, 2010


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We haven't had much snow yet, I'm waiting for a nice big storm! Your pictures are wonderful. And those chalkboard placemats are great!!!


We had plenty of snow yesterday in Florence. Since we never do, the town was instantly blocked. Luckily I had nowhere to go and could enjoy the view of the falling snow from my window.
I am looking forward the recipe of the soup, we are big soup fans here!


As much as my kids keep doing snow dances, they have yet to get a snow day. Your dog is so cute, stretching out -- mine's been doing the same thing and then she comes in looking like a big snowflake. Just adorable.


Beautiful photos. Sounds like you are all hving a wonderful holiday/break! Your daughters hat is so cute...did you make it?


How fun, the snow days and the days off. I love the cat picture, was s/he having fun or sliding? That looks just like my cat :) The placemats are fun!


It looks like you've been having lots of fun.


You certainly found the positive in your loss. I wish we would get a bit of that weather where we are. Nothing yet... :(

Love the chalkboards. I saw those over at Leslie's blog. Too cute! Have fun with them.


I've missed you! I'm envious of your snow and extra days off. No such luck here in Houston.

I'm loving your pictures. I can almost hear the laughter.

Those placemats are brilliant.

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