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November 03, 2010


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Sounds like a wonderful fall weekend. the skirt is too cute. Did you make her sweater too?

Meg Evans

That sweater has to be Mama-made,and I can't wait to learn the details! I also wish I liked spending more time outside--I like the idea of it. Glad you all had a fun extended weekend.


Looks like you take full advantage of the time you do spend outside. What fun you make it for the entire family! Love your little girly twirling in her skirt!


OMG, what yarn are you knitting with! Best purple ever!


Aw...sounds like you had a fabulous long weekend! I love the new little skirt--too cute!


I love the picture of the dog with your daughter. Aren't dogs the best? They are such perfect companions for kids (and adults too). Always ready to lend an ear.

I'm shocked at how much time off from school you guys are having. Even though you are making the most of the time, I can't help but wonder about the direction public school education. We are fortunate that school days haven't been cut here, though program choices are dwindling and class sizes are increasing. They are doing more distance learning as well, via the internet. Your kids are lucky that you are so pro-active in keeping them busy. I'm sure most parents would be content plopping the kids down in front of the tv or electronics.


We have a 5 day weekend because of a teacher conference and we have no plans too. I love have some days like that when we just hang out and craft.
I love the skirt, I'm going to give it a try. I will have to do it by hand my sewing machine is dead and I can't make up my mind on what to get. What machine do you use?


So jealous!!! Gorgeous photos!!


Can't wait to see what comes off your needles based on your tease of purple peek! And that skirt (!!!) too cute for words. It'll be a favorite "go to" for a long time, simply because of the meaning behind it. Special time spent with momma making it. Love!!!


What great family time you've been having.
I too wish I enjoyed the outdoors much more, I want to be out there but once I am, it's not long and I'm itching to be inside. I don't know why really.
That skirt is so cute, did you also knit her sweater?

Lisa Q

you are such a present mama! love the skirt and the time that it represents with you two together. So glad it was a good weekend....so sad it's over. Although, it's Friday and there's a new weekend coming! Enjoy!

dani@little fists

I adore that fabric! What a special thing to get to spend 5 whole glorious days with your brood.

How envious am I?


What cute photos in her skirt! Sounds like you are having a fun fall.

theresa/t does wool

beautiful post..the images flow like magic..and did you maker the sweater??gorgeous~


I love quiet nothing-scheduled weekend days the most when they follow super-activity-filled days. Although with fewer days than yours, our weekend flowed much the same way and Sunday felt like such a luxury!

I was thinking of you yesterday as my little was going through her Halloween candy bag and pulling out the pencils and bags of pretzels covered in pumpkin stickers "because they are specialer than candy." Her class didn't exchange Halloween goodies this year, but I think if they had, I would have appreciated and cherished the mommy who gifted bookmarks (like the adorable ones from your last post) instead of snickers. Love your thoughtfulness.

And the girly's skirt!!

alyssa spring

LOVE that purple and LOVE the skirt...what a blessed little girl to have such a talented mama


What a lovely weekend! I'm with you, my kids force me outside. I'm usually happy to cozy up on the sofa with projects. I think your daughter and mine would be fast friends :) they have a lot in common. The skirt is adorable and I'm going to pick through some fabric in my closet right now to see if we can whip one up this weekend.

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So sad it's over. Although, it's Friday and there's a new weekend coming! Enjoy!

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