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November 17, 2010


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What happy days you're having at your home. I used to cherish the extra time my youngest and I would spend together after the bus brought him home from elementary school (before the big kids came in the door). Those days are gone now. Enjoy these moments -- and those eggs. I'm so jealous. I don't want the work of having chickens, but I would love to have fresh eggs. The blue ones are so pretty.


It looks like you are really enjoying your days. I'm trying to keep in the moment as the days go racing by. Everything does seem to be coming quickly. I like all the holidays on your table.

Meg Evans

I have such chicken envy! What a beautiful bowl of eggs. I'm so glad you're able to remain laid-back and focused on your kids while the season begins to swirl around us all. I am just now thinking that I should start prepping the house for company (my parents arrive on Tuesday) and for Thanksgiving (which is also my birthday--you didn't miss it!).


chickens are the best! especially those black and red stars. so reliable and kind and they lay such wonderful eggs. our ladies are molting now so out of 50 plus hens we are getting roughly 8-10 eggs a day! it's good to count your blessings and your eggs ;)


'Unusually calm' That's perfect for how I have chosen to spend my holidays as well. No rush, no fuss, all in good time. Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy the process of creating?


Sounds so busy and festive over at your house. I love hearing about your days and how you all spend them, it is so inspiring :) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Lisa Q

happy everything! that sounds like the philosophy at your house. love the eclectic holiday decor....:) so apparently coco doesn't always know what's best, huh? those eggs are so beautiful, what a great decision you made when you got your girls. Enjoy your days!


Well, of course, you're preparing for ALL the holidays! :D I feel like I'm a bit like your Abigail.

Your eggs are so pretty they look like they should be framed.

Your sweater is also gorgeous. I <3 that rich, plummy color.

And your tales of your special times with your oldest have me anticipating the days to come with my boys even as I savor their sweet 3- and 1-year-old-ness.


Pretty sweater... I love the color. I see photography in Abigail's future.


Those fluffballs of a few months ago have grown into gorgeous creatures. Backyard chickens are now verboten in my city thanks to days and days of city council wrangling after someone complained about a neighbour's birds. 'Encourages rats' they said! We are an old seaport on the Canadian East Coast, what's another rat or two???


I love reading your posts, Larissa. They're so full of goodness, calm, and contentedness.


Sounds like you are really enjoying life! I love reading your posts, they're always filled with so much warmth, happiness and love for your family. Incase you're not here in the coming week, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's.


What a great post. I love hearing about your family and your commitment to living in the now. It's inspiring.

And I really want some chickens. Those eggs are the prettiest I've seen. I told my Mr. and he looked at me like I was full of crazy.

Amy Herbst (Herbst Handmade)

What a lovely post. :-)


What a nice post. I love that you are savoring life in so many ways, especially the time with your son. He will be blessed for that, all his life. This year, we're going to have an advent wreath, which we've never had in our house. I was reading the comments on the back of the candle box and it talks about the waiting part of Christmas. I hope I can convey the beauty of now as well as you are!

I also prefer ribbed over garter collars. Good luck :)


I am drawing from the calm that is within your post. Maybe a need chickens??? ;)

I don't think I ever did thank you for your wonderful message you left on my post showing that I treated myself to a embroidery foot for my machine. That was wonderful advice. Thank you.

Hoping you have a wonderful Holiday this week. I'm sure Abigail has added even more wonderful touches at this point. She is just too cute. :)

theresa/t does wool

your sweater is beautiful..and I see you enjoy every moment of each day..that is good.


enjoy your alone time with ezra.
my charlie is home an hour early (from high school!) and this is truly one of my favorite times of the day... he TALKS! a lot! it is important to grab it when you can. ;)

so... am i understanding this correctly... you ripped the collar that is shown out? i really liked it! and the color. nice job on the photo, abigail!


I love how you're capturing each and every morsel of goodness in your life right now and then sharing them with us! This post inspires me to slow down and enjoy THIS moment without anticipating the next moment! thanks for that. xoxo

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