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October 27, 2010


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I like the bookmarks and the crows! We made Martha's broom goody bags. I will hopefully remember to get some pictures and blog them tomorrow!

Earth Mama

Love those crow silouettes. I didn't know they liked to eat candy corn. Caw caw!



I love your bookmarks. My daughter is going to embroider some for presents this year for her grandparents....if it doesn't go well I will be pulling out the cardstock, ribbon, and stickers to copy yours :)

Lisa Q

what great bookmarks...you can never have too many bookmarks and I think the boys will especially appreciate the skulls!


What a clever idea to make something that's not loaded with sugar!


Love it all!

It's sad that Halloween is so un-PC right now. We have to limit everything to pumpkins...without the carved faces.

The Offspring and I are carving pumpkins tonight, camping over the weekend, and getting home just in time to throw on costumes and head out for some candy.

I've already told the school secretary that I will be "sick" on Monday.

urban craft

all around cool halloween ideas. Crows rule.
also digging your table runner from other post.
Looks like you are all set to have a great Halloween!


What a fun idea. I love the candy corn with corns. We carved our pumpkins last week for the first time ever. We had so much fun.



I lOVE the crow silhouettes! Your middle schooler is showing a real artistic flair.... wonder where he gets that?!?!? :)


Those crows are awesome....And candy corn? Well, it doesn't last long in my house. Have fun at your school parties. I was homeroom mom for years and years -- I miss connecting the kids' names to faces because it's all history in junior high.


I love the Halloween bookmarks. Great idea. I like the crows too - I got some of the Martha Stewart mice. Happy Halloweeen.


The bookmarks are great but the crows in the corn is genius!! Very cool.


Cake balls! My girly saw them on Bakerella.com when I was by there the other day and she was so excited we made a batch that afternoon. They were so tasty and fun we've made two batches since. I need to find some unsuspecting friends and neighbors to share them with or I may shortly begin to resemble a cake ball myself. ;) LOVE the crows!


no handouts for us. we were asked to send in a bag of candy for the party. check. I love your bookmark idea. I may steal that for a special present for classmates at Thanksgiving. I can see fall ribbon and "thankful for you" words. thanks larissa! Happy Halloween!


The bookmarks are a great idea instead of candy because, really, just how much candy does a child need? I can see these being adapted by the littles as X-mas pressies for their aunts and uncles. Thanks for sharing a great but simple idea.


Love those crows. We're done with Halloween in school until Senior year in HS. The seniors all dress up in fabulous costumes and then parade to the middle and elementary school. BUT, I'm told, that my guys will be trick or treating. Not too old for candy!


Those are so wonderful Larissa! I love the bird silhouette, and how much fun are you all having around this holiday? Love it!


Love the crows pecking at the candy corn :)

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