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September 24, 2010


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Oh my goondness I love this!! So easy but looks beautiful. Thank you so much for the instructions. I might have to head down to the fabric store but I don't know if I'll be able to put together as beautiful a color scheme as you :) Have a wonderful weekend.

Meg Evans

Your new fall cover looks great! I'm not quite ready for fall crafting (well, except for the mittens I've been working on). It has been unseasonably hot this week, and, except for the dying tree leaves (due to lack of rain) and the change in the quality of the afternoon light, it hasn't felt like fall. Yet. It's coming.


I love the purples and golds and teals together. Fall is my favorite season too!

Lisa Q

that's perfect for me...no quilting involved. Love how you put the patchwork on both the front and the back. The colors are wonderful...i'm sure many a snuggles will happen under that blanket!


Hmmmm. A new scheme is being hatched as I type this, thanks to you. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. You always come through for me. I even have some home dec fabric in my stash. As my kids would say...."Pysche!"


I have Olive Kitteridge and haven't read it, good to know you liked it!


I love how simple this is ! I've been looking for inexpensive yarn to make a fall afghan but maybe I'll change my search to fabric for a nice coverlet like this. Great idea ! I'm good at sewing straight lines. I bet yours will be well used this fall.

dani@little fists

What a great idea!

A cover would be perfect for Houston. Hmmm. Another project to add to my growing list.


I've made small receiving blankets like this but not a large blanket. I love the idea of using home decor weight fabric, great idea. When I've done receiving blankets I've topstitched around the edges twice, the second row about an inch in from the first row, it seems to keep the edges a bit more durable and nice. I'm adding this to my growing list of things to make :)


I love everything about this quilt! The large squares, the heavy home-dec fabric, and the easy assembly and binding. I'm inspired to make one (or more!) myself :-)


You are sooo talented and fortunate to be able to sew something so fun and cute with what seems like no effort at all - LOL

Have fun snuggling and thank you for more book recommendations!!!


Very very pretty, and you make it seem so easy! Thanks!


this is such a pretty throw! i would love to take a little nap under it. thank you so much for the instructions on how to make it. it sounds like something i could make even though my sewing skills aren't very advanced. now i just need supplies and time!

fall is my favorite season, too!


another great idea, larissa! love the new fall cover. I know you'll all look forward to the cool fall days, so you can snuggle under this.


Really great idea! A cover for the fall - and so much LESS intimidating than a quilt! Well done!


O.K. I have to ask, "How comfy is it?"
(I love the idea of weight, but I can't help but thing that upholstery fabric is scratchy... Maybe I need to go fondle some upholstery fabric...)


I love the colors... and it's perfect for so many things... nap, picnic, playing on the floor, keeping warm at a soccer game!


love that you are doing so much reading! and crafting too : )


I love the simplicity of you fall cover.
I read The Correction too and am just about to start listening to Freedom as an audiobook. I'll be curious to hear what you think of it.


Beautiful combination of colors!! I, too, am a lover of all things Fall. And it's on its way!!! :)

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

I'm loving these beautiful autumn colors. Beautiful.


Larissa, I love how your simple ideas come to such beautiful fruition! I am making a cover, but I'm knitting, and I fear it may not be done for December, which was my original goal. We'll see! Thanks for your inspirations!!

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