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September 14, 2010


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So glad you are back in this space because you have been missed! Things seem very busy for you so hopefully you will have a bit of relaxing this weekend :) Happy Birthday to your little one.

Meg Evans

Welcome back and thank you for sharing your special moments with us. My baby just turned seven, and now he's in school all day just like his sisters. I miss them terribly while they're gone, and I've been struggling with all of the time "off."

I look forward to seeing what you make--you always inspire me to create!


It's hard to believe another school year is well-underway! Time does fly right by. It looks like life in your household has been busy. I'm glad you're going to carve out some time for your blogging buddies. We clearly have missed you.


Ahhh... back to school. It always takes me a bit of time to get back in the swing of having free time. Welcome back, and as always, I look forward to seeing what you have been crafting!

dani@little fists

That is a great documentation.

I want that BLT. Yowza.

And I'm putting those buttermilk cakes on the list of things to bake.

Your kids are so cute. Happiest of birthdays to your little one.


many thanks for your kind comments. I had you with me today...your how to cut fabric post was up as I cut the first strips of my first quilt top. your tutorials will be invaluable as I make my way through this project. can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!

special hello to all the kids and well wishes as they test this weekend.


Oh, I'm so happy to see you back in bloggy world. I totally understand about the real world getting in the way, but I was missing your updates. : ) I loved the photos of your beautiful children (it must be such a joy to have them be such good friends!), and the blt photo made my mouth water.


This post moved me to tears. There was a time when my heart melted watching my kids reading instructions for a new game...Now they are adults, one lives on the other side of the ocean, another one far from here, but when they ocasionally meet, the joy of the reunion is great and the feeling of brotherhood the same.
And my heart starts melting again!

Lisa Q

I so love seeing all the expressions on the kid's faces...it is obvious that they love each other and are interested in each other. you're doing a great job as a mama, raising three wonderful kids. we love to play games here at our house too. Kenzie still (at age 13) calls them 'game boards' instead of boardgames.


Wow what busy times!! Love the karate pics!


How fortunate that all the children are happy with their teachers and to be back in school! Lovely photos of the children ~ they all look quite athletic.

BTW, your sandwich looks delicious!


So nice to read your blog again and I look forward to all your crafty projects. Looks like you've been up to lots of good things. Your daughter's rainbow streamer brings back memories for me, I had one very similar and it was my absolute favorite thing, I wonder what ever happened to it. I would seriously go outside and twirl it around just to feel like a little girl again! :)


It looks like everyone is very happy ! Glad your back.

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