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August 11, 2010


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Everything grows in burst in the summer. I was walking with my daughter today and realized all of her clothes are smaller, my boys need shoes and I have new gray hair.
So yes indeed everything grows either we like it...or not ;o)


Ah. What a nice post. You remind me my boys are also growing so fast. I am really excited about growing gray pumpkins, and a red sunflower!


We ate our first garden tomatoes of the season tonight...and lots more green ones on the vine to look forward to.

Something tells me that sweet boy of yours will always want to share with you. ;)

dani@little fists

So much to love and look at here.

They do grow up too fast. My little preemie baby will be starting 3rd grade this year. And my birthday baby will be starting kindergarten.

Someone needs to slow it all down.


Oh, your garden photos are making my mouth water! Last week we harvested our first snow peas of the year. They are delicious!

Other than that, I've mostly been growing boys. : ) My littler baby is going to be a year old on Sunday.


My grandfather had a passion for chickens, he had a hen house wherever he moved.
Your photos brought me sweet memories of my childhood and my grandfather, thank you.


Beautiful photos, Larissa. At 11, Olivia is growing fast this summer, too. (So much faster than the boys!) Have a lovely rest of the summer!

Beth Lehman

So true - I have to confess I've been thinking about my babies growing up lately - even before watching ToyStory3 where the boy is going off to college and I could hardly contain myself! Love the color of your henhouse!! What fun!


Everything looks great!! As for your growing boy, he is looking pretty tall isn't he? And as a mom on the other side (my girls are 21 & 25), while there may be a spell where they don't share much, they will be back, cause you've set the foundation for it. We are the lucky ones.

Lisa Q

love this post...so great how you captured such growth. Your hens are so big! What changes you've seen this summer. I can't believe how big your boy looks....are you sure he's only 11? He has a very mature, thoughtful look to him. I'm sure that even as he hits those teen years, you'll be the one he talks to and shares with. You've laid the foundation and he'll come back to that time and time again. Keep enjoying the last bursts of summer growth.

Plain and Joyful Living

Oh, don't I know it too. Your son is getting so grown up...
such a mixed blessing.
Those chicks really don't stay as little balls of cuteness long enough do they?
Enjoy and warm wishes, Tonya


My how those chicks have grown. Hang on to that boy of yours as long as you can. We are in big transition here -- it's been a summer of young love, so my 18-year old has been hanging with the girlfriend, not me. Maybe that will help with the transition to college which is in a mere two weeks. These years truly go by too quickly.


Your chickens are getting so big. They certainly do seem to be giving your family lots more then eggs :) Enjoy them and enjoy what's left of summer, I'm sure school will be starting before you know it.


More tomatoes grew this week ! I love your chickens. They are really cute and their home is very nice too. Our children do grow so fast but I'll guarantee you every age is fun (at least to 27).


oh, look at your little ladies! adorable. before you know it you'll be gathering eggs. did you guys build your coop?! what a great home for them :)

your whole post is so touching too. what sweetness. thanks.


I kept thinking of you this past week...
while we were in amish country, I kept seeing chicken houses.
my dad wants to get one for his farm.
your chicks aren't chicks anymore, are they?


We savored our last week of summer. School starts today, kindergarten. Time is flying very quickly!!

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