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July 27, 2010


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I'm so glad to hear from you and to hear that things are fine!


thanks for checking in - you'e been on my mind, Larissa!! Just this morning I checked my feed to make sure that nothing had changed, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that you had a post today. It sounds like things are going well, good for you! Enjoy your summer and those precious kiddos!!


Hey, glad you're back and glad you're having a good summer. Thanks for articulating so many important things that are good and not so good about the computer time. I agree that I've learned lots (from people like you!) but that it's easy to drift into a time suck. So thanks for pointing out both. Enjoy August!!


So glad you are back and still blogging, you were missed! I loved reading your 50 things it was so well said. Being home with my kids I'm still in the "days are sometimes looonnngggg" but I'm having fun. We are just edging out of toddlerdom and I love that they are almost at an age where we can go do more things. I love reading about your family and what you are working on creatively so thank you for the glimpses into your life.

Meg Evans

I'm so glad you're back. You are such an inspiration, Larissa. I could definitely afford to steal a page or two from your playbook and just fully engage for the rest of the summer. I can't wait to see pictures of your painting projects and the chickens!


It's good to hear from you! You have been missed. A lot. I'm glad all is well in your world. It sounds like summer is chugging right along with lots going on. My son just came home with piles of back-to-school stuff. Is it possible that fall is almost here? Oh my. I better go enjoy more of the summer, like you.


Hello! It's nice to see you around the bloggy world again, but I'm SOOOO glad for you that you got to spend such good time with your family. They're the most important, after all.

Btw, your idea of date nights sound very much like ours. It's not elaborate, but it is oh, so satisfying. : )


That's what I need more of this Summer - POOL TIME - LOL

I'm glad you took a needed break and am glad that all things considered you are going to keep sharing and staying connected on-line too.

BTW, I completely agree with #12!


Welcome back!!! There was absolutely no need to justify your absence, however I enjoyed reading all 50 of them. Glad your summer has swooped you away with busy, happy moments. Keep enjoying!!! We will be here waiting. :)


I am soooo glad I took the time to read this post. I feel like I'm rushing most days -- trying to stay off the computer as much as I can but never quite enough it seems... but your post was incredibly inspiring to me.

and I sooo agree about your number 12 -- starting a blog to blog about crafting and getting insight into wonderful ways of living, nurturing families and such. a huge bonus for me too.

thank you.


So glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer with the kids. It is so true that the years do fly. Our daughter is 17 and off to college next year, our son is 13.

I have taken some time off, too. Like you, it was not planned but just the way things turned out.

Glad you are back. Enjoy your days in the sun!!



So glad you're back. You were missed.

Keep enjoying your time. It's what it's all about.


Glad to hear from you, it sounds like you're enjoying summer. I totally agree with you about starting a blog to learn some crafty things from people, and ended up learning a lot about life and motherhood, and myself actually. It is hard though to balance it all though, so just like anything else, once you step away it's hard sometimes to get back into it. Glad you have returned and I'm really interested to hear about and see photos of your new white walls. I too have been feeling a bit blah about my home, and decluttering has been the direction I've been going. We also painted our home in warm colors when we first moved in, but now I'm in need of clean, bright spaces. I can imagine that white must feel like a big blank canvas, love that! enjoy the rest of your summer :)


thank you for sharing this mindful post after your time spent away from the computer.
it is lovely to hear from you once again in this space : )


It's nice to hear you're enjoying your summer. Taking time off from the online community is essential, I think. Have a great rest of the summer, Larissa!


Welcome Back! That was a great post.

theresa/t does wool

great post...so glad you are having fun~!!


Happy to have you back but sounds like you made excellent use of your time away :)

Lisa Q

so good to have you back...but you're so on track with being a purposeful mama and wife...those are some of the most important things in life. I'm so glad you got to go to CA to see family, I know how precious that time had to have been to you. Anyways welcome back! Missed you girl!


No need to explain! You're a mom and it sounds like you are having a fantastic summer! Enjoy what is left and we will see you soon!


So glad you're back!!! I feel so many of the things you wrote about: the pull of the computer, the guilt of being away from the kiddos...
Summer has been very busy and it was hard for me to find time or energy for the blog but I'm not as wise as you are.


PS I am looking forward to seeing your new room(s)!


you have plenty of company with those balancing feelings. I think we're all trying to do the best we can. and family time is such the priority! so happy you spent some time with family. I'm sure it was refreshing. know that you were missed!


We certainly missed you Larissa, but so glad that you have had a wonderful and busy season

alyssa spring

So very understandable and it's so great that you have your priorities straight. :) I notice that when I'm on too long my kids start getting needy - so I've been saving the computer for night time. Glad to have you back when you're back.


Great to hear from you, Larissa! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer vacation. Fall, while bringing more Mommy time, still comes all too soon for me! Enjoy and take care.

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