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June 07, 2010


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theresa/t does wool

it does feel like summer~~great post~


What a charming commentary of your almost-summer days!

dani@little fists

Aah, pools. The source of such smiles and such angst.

I love the chick feeder! I have a thing for old mason jars. And those chicks are so very cute. I would have trouble parting with them as well.


This year it definitely feels like summer has started early, no complaints here! Looks like you're enjoying it as well :)


it all sounds heavenly! love the knit.
i can't wait. we have a full week and a half of school left, crammed with papers etc.
high school...bleh.


Too funny -- keeping your blog a "happy place." There are days my kids can't even be in the same room together, particularly the two older ones who are just 18 months apart. As they get older, they seem to be getting worse -- is it supposed to be this way?

I love how you tracked the weekend's events. And your dog is so cute.


What a lovely time you're having! I can't wait to be done with school too!!

Lisa Q

sounds like a wonderful prelude to summer. I like that fitted tee and it'll be perfect for any season. How many of the chicks are you all keeping? they have gotten big so fast! I'm smiling about you heading to central tractor so much...I'm sure you're the cutest chicken farmer in the joint!

Meg Evans

Your days look lovely! I have lost my knitting mojo, too, although I have at least three projects ready to go--just can't seem to find the time for sitting down with the needles. Everything has a season, I guess. The last thing I knitted was the Emmaline top from knitty--it's short sleeves and done in bulky cotton, so great for spring/summer.

I look forward to watching your little chicks grow!


Jealous of your pool time and the smoothies look delicious!!


Floating without a care in the world..... whilst brother plots away - Larissa - that photo is priceless!!!!

Hope your Summer is filled with many many more pool days (I hope you get in the water too).


I'm sorry I'm so late to the party! I'm behind in reading my dashboard and behind in commenting on my favorite blogs...
I would so love a pool...for the summer months! I know the kids would use it every day. You're so blessed to have such a fun backyard. Happy Summer!!


Oh look at those sweet chicks! I can not get enough of those faces :)


Our weather has been pretty much the same. One day it is hot and humid and then it's cloudy, overcast and pouring. Would love some nice warm, with no humidity, early summer days.

Love how you leave out the yelling and fighting for happy memories in later years. The kids look like they are having fun in the pool.



It sounds like my kind of weekend. The weather is definetly warming up except on weekends but I take every chance I get to enjoy the sun.

alyssa spring

it's been forever since I've stopped by! So glad that you're having a good summer....it is BLAZING hot here....I wish we had a place to soak in a pool...green with envy in Georgia.

Lisa Q

just touching base with you....to say hi and let you know I was thinking about you....hope all is going well. I imagine the feathers are flying (hope the knitting needles are too!)


I was just going to do what LQ did a few days ago. Just missing you and wanted you to know!!


I've checked in on you a time or two in the past couple of weeks, and then realized I never did comment on this post! Looks like lots of great stuff is going on at your place. I love your yarn, your sweater is going to be cute! I am still working on my cami which will hopefully be done this summer.


that's going to be a cute sweater!
i want to float around in a pool too!

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