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May 10, 2010


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This is gorgeous! This green looks fabulous on you! Beautiful work!


That sweater is so cute! I really like what you did with the sleeves. I'm thinking of making this. What changes would you make to the back?
Kudos to the photographer, and by the way, I like your hair!

Adirondack Mama

You and Meg, a match made in knitting heaven. I love both your's and her's. You look so pretty Sweetie.


Oh, my goodness it is absolutely gorgeous!
I love the color and everything about it! Your so cute and I love your hair! Yes, I hear you that is how we roll in the country too! lol


I love it! I think that color is a perfect one for you. Your son did a fabulous job on the photography.


the sweater and you both look great!


It's perfect! I don't think a shrug is meant to be too fitted ~ and I think your's came out exactly right :)

I love all the textured details and the color is superb on you ~ enjoy!

PS I am so impressed with the photography skills of your son!


I think the shrug/sweater looks fabulous! I'm going to add it to my queue for "one day". Happy MDay!


Great sweater. I need something like that - a little more current than my cardigans and cewnecks ! The color is great too.


Love the shrug!! Think it looks great on you!!

Your pictures are awesome and not like a huge dork. We roll like that around here quite a bit, too.



Gorgeous shrug, like I've said before.. you always pick out the best patterns to make! The color you choose is perfect for you, very pretty :)


That sweater looks awesome -- and you're such a cute model (messy hair and all that). Definitely, you're keeping it real!


The sweater looks wonderful!! I love the color and I'm glad to see some of your knitting.
I love the picture of you smiling!! Beautiful!


oh i love it! i was just looking at this shrug on ravelry last night! love your mods too! makes me want to cast on :)


Love the shrug; it looks so cozy and I could use that at the moment! Love the pictures, too.


so, so pretty! you did great! I don't think it's saggy in back at all. It's lovely.

Meg Evans

Of course it's wonderful on you! It looks great--and you're so smart to do it in a superwash, too.

And your son did a great job with the pictures too--I may have to start handing over the camera because there's only so much you can do with the self-timer!

Great job, Larissa!


Love the pics! Your shrug came out beautifully and looks great on you. Hope you had a wonderful (well deserved) mother's day!!

Lisa Q

LOVE it! ok...how many skeins did you use of the superwash? I like the mods you made...especially the longer sleeves. E did a great job taking the photos...my favorite is the one with the great smile on your face! beautiful! Hope your mother's day was a happy one!


Your sweater came out great. I like that you knit along with a fellow internet friend. What's up next?


Love it too!! Can I tell you again how much I admire your skill in modifying patterns to fit you perfectly?! I'm looking forward to being able to do that. lovely, larissa...every bit of this post.


That shrug is lovely!


It is gorgeous, I want to knit one now!!


I love it and the color looks great on you!!! SUch a hip mama!


All that I am going to say is that you are amazing. This shrug is amazing, and I love everything about this piece. Awesome job Larissa


you look fantastic in that sweater! I have that lovely pattern, and now I have to make it for myself!
We did take our doors off to spray paint. With the power drill, it took about 20 minutes to take them off!


how did i miss this!!!!
it is fantastic, larissa. absolutely one sweater you should wear A LOT!

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