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May 21, 2010


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Every kid needs a superhero's cape at some point. You're very obliging.


Love the quilt; it reminds me of one I made when I was twelve or so (of course yours is MUCH nicer). I think I need to just jump in again to sewing. I've been thinking about it long enough. Thanks for all your inspiring projects!!

Meg Evans

Love the wrap for Berry, and of course, the fabrics are just wonderful. Our lettuce is coming along slowly--I check it every day in hopes that I can start harvesting (although I did break off some spinach leaves to go on my pizza last week!). Happy weekend!


okay, that is so my type of sewing project! love it. and your lunch = yum too! did you use your rice cooker? The one my mom gave me is awesome - it has a steamer on top. anyhow. have a great weekend : )


Denise, I did use the rice cooker and I also used half water and half chicken stock to cook it in. Thanks so much for the tip - can't believe i never thought of using stock because it makes it so much tastier!

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

Such a great little quilt.


What a cute blanket! We're enjoying our very first garden harvests here too.


Your daughter and her sweet Berry are just the cutest ever! Love Berry's new blankie :)

dani@little fists

My third child is The Girl's Teddy. He is very loved. Very loved indeed. He would appreciate a quilt I think...

And your lunch looks much better than the one I had. ;)


I love the little cat fabric : )
Your lunch looks incredible!
Happy weekend!


Hi Larissa,
Your quilt is wonderful and something I have to do for my son's baby doll.
Also, your lunch is mouthwatering delicious!
We will be picking our first lettuce this week and I can't wait.


A mother who makes a quilt for Berry is a wonderful mom indeed :)


Fun cover and yummy lunch, what a good day!

wishes, true and kind

Oh, so cute! What a lucky girl -- and bear. My daughter had a Berry Bear, too :)

alyssa spring

I love the bright colors in your girlie's little quilt! my kids ask me on a daily basis to sew them something - it's hard to say "no." Today my oldest requested "wolf ears." hmmmmm...suggestions? I'm thinking a headband with maybe some felt?

Adirondack Mama

Oh larissa! I want to be Berry. So darn pretty.

I love your taste in colors and combinations.

Arugala, that looks so yum!

Lisa Q

that kitty cat fabric is so cute. You're such a good mama making a quilt for your little girl and her bear. I love that you don't have to match corners for this one! brilliant.


how wonderful that Abigail doesn't have to go to a traditional store to buy a blanket for Berry. she can simply go to the creative store of mom! looks like you're living well.


You know I am going to make one of these for the boys. I have never made them a blanket for their stuffed animals, but the do love them so much, and this looks wonderfully simple. Thank you for sharing this, and I am excited for your write up


Love that little cover. It is so cute.

Your lunch looks very yummy!!



oh, those "covers" look like a much more doable project than the "covers" charlie has asked for. (i think i bit off more than i can chew!)
it is adorable.... and so is your girlie!!

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