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May 03, 2010


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seems so early for strawberries! sounds like a good weekend. enjoy your week : )


How sweet that she took her little strawberry off to a safe place to enjoy. I used to do the same thing with my raspberries -- before the kiddos could inhale them (or try to make their famous raspberry-water juice special), I would make sure I got to enjoy a few berries.

And congrats to your boy -- that sounds like a real brainy competition. I love scientifically-inclined kiddos (such potential for greatness!).

Have a happy week -- Jodi


Your girly has the right idea. I girl needs a place to eat her strawberries in peace. My strawberries have a ways to go yet, so I might have just enough time to construct a strawberry-eating-fort of my own. :D

Pretty shrug! To me, any seed stitch row is a looooong row.


Those pictures of your girlie and her strawberry are just precious. Little Man and I just planted two strawberry seedlings, and we can't wait for the harvest.

Congratulations to you son! Winning a competition is such a terrific feeling.


Congrats to your son! and yay for strawberried!


A sweet place to enjoy a first strawberry. So cute.
How neat that your son won his competition. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
Happy Monday Larissa!


Wow! What a treat to be picking strawberries already! I loved that your daughter enjoyed it in a special spot, it is fun finding the first ones of the season certainly a treasure! It looks like a really good weekend Larissa : )


Yum strawberries! Congrats to your son.

I just spent the weekend cleaning up around here too, now back to my sewing room :)

Kim D.

Looks like the weekend had something for everyone. I just dusted off the sewing machine today and started working on a couple projects. Now, I'm off upstairs to relax and knit a bit.


Not exactly a bumper crop - LOL But, as they say, it's the quality not the quantity :)

I'm thinking about knitting a shrug this Summer too! Looking forward to seeing yours :)

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