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May 25, 2010


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Oh, this is soooo much easier than my (now previous) method. I love basic strip/block quilts. This will come in handy.

Good luck with the chicks!


You take every quilt project and make it so manageable. I tend to get very intimidated, but you really give me confidence to forge ahead and try. Plus, your fabric choices are wonderful -- you must have quite the stash. And I just love stashes!

Have fun with those chicks!


Thanks so much for your tutorial! I want to do some sewing once school lets out and this will be a great resource. Also, love the idea of chickens. My husband has a friend who sells us fresh eggs and there's nothing like them! So good.

Meg Evans

Again with the fabric envy! And yet another quilt idea to try... in that elusive spare time. I'm so jealous of your getting chickens. I wish we had enough property for chickens. My sister-in-law got some chickens last summer, and she's having so much fun with them.


so excited for you guys! i just got my post up about 'Brooding 101' ;)

look at that pepper! how exciting! i think i am finally trusting spring/summer enough here to just get started.

and i love that quilt! i've always been drawn to that fabric. it's so playful but classic at the same time.


love how your son is helping you out here with this post. This method does seem rather easy.

yeah for your new chicks! so much fun for the kids.


I'm with Jodi. After reading your quilting posts, I always think "I could do that!" Thanks for breaking what looks like a large task down into little bite sized pieces!

Tayla B

hehe. I love the pictures. I keep telling myself I will complete a quilt, and I keep collecting fabric for it but I've never started. I think I'm just afraid of such a large project. But this looks simple enough... hmmm...
And I'm excited for you about the chickens! We want to get some this year but I'm not sure if that will happen. So, I will be living the experience through you, I guess. lol.


Thanks for the instructions and congrats on the chicks! I've always wanted some, but my 1/100 of an acre and two dogs won't let me have any.


You always have such great tips for quilting, so much quicker then what I probably would've done.

Plain and Joyful Living

Hi Larissa,
How wonderful that you are awaiting the arrivl of chicks!! oh, I am sure you will enjoy it so much as we do.

Thank you for the great quilt tutorial. I just love this idea as it would be a great way for me to use up scraps from all the clothing that gets passed on to our family that we can't use.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.
Warm wishes, Tonya


How exciting to be getting your chicks!! I wanted some but we are not allowed where I live. I was so sad to hear it.:(


wishes, true and kind

LOL -- that quilt looks like a lot of fun to make!


Your fabric is gorgeous! I love how vintage it looks. You have inspired me with your 'fabric in a bowl' approach, I get very perfectionist when I quilt but I *love* the look of the way you are describing! I have only done patchwork, this sizing is beautiful. Can you share more on why you create a continuous strip to cut up rather than a bunch of strips?
Thank you! It looks beautiful!


love the quilt snake!


i think about you and your lovely sewing everyday! every single time i look at my pile of fabric! :)


Wow, what a cool method! I will be making a few of these in the future for the boys, and for a gew little girls who have recently requested doll blankets. As always, thank you for sharing :)


missing you, and wondering how the chicks are doing! hope you are having a great summer, despite the heat!

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