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April 29, 2010


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We have that same trike. And why do they fret whenever we try to get rid of something...maybe a little piece of them are telling us they are not ready to grow up either. Just not quite ready.


Adirondack Mama

WOW Larissa, that quilt is even more stunning. Such powerful colors.

Tangible is overrated. You are living life and that is what it is all about.


I love seeing all the bits of your days. Time really does pass so, so quickly. We're already approaching the end of the school year...can you believe it?! Knitting along on Neighborly and loving it! Have a great weekend (when it gets here)! :)


Too funny that suddenly "trike" love struck again. I've been down that road before. What a pretty way to serve Greek yogurt. Love that green.


I have to "donate" things when everyone is in school! Love your new napkins!

Meg Evans

Everything looks lovely, as usual. One of my favorite quotes from that Happiness Project book is "the days are long; the years are short." I can't remember who said it originally, but it's so very true!

I just used some Greek yogurt last week. It was an ingredient in these Chive Risotto cakes--so very yummy. The kids even liked it. It's a Barefoot Contessa recipe, so I was pretty sure it was going to be great.

Enjoy your spring weather--we're finally warming up again this weekend, and I am so looking forward to it!


Larissa, you're doing everything right! It's always a pleasure to come here to see what you've been up to.


My girly does the same thing! When I set toys aside to "go out of rotation" they become infinitely more interesting. Is that why cleaning out your stash spurs project lust in Mommy's? :D

I've also been feeling the same way about time lately. I've got all my fabric washed and piled on the ironing board for the Bean's quilt, but spending precious one-on-one time with this girly before the new baby comes trumps quilting every time.

LOVE Meg's quote: The days are long, the years are short"


I feel thrilled to see my little ones progress and learn things and afraid by the prospect of seeing them grow.
I am trying just like you to savor every bit and to treasure the memories.
Have a wonderful day


Thank you for bringing this happiness to my morning : )


I love your yogurt dishes. We did that the other night and I called it dessert. kids were thrilled.

just want to also say - I like reading your blog!


Lovely, as usual. I enjoy your pictures and narrative very much. I'm with you on trying to make every day with my growing little ones meaningful.


You do so much ! I think enjoying the moments are the most important thing we can do !


Someone is eating Greek yogurt!!! It's all the rage apparently :) I've some in my fridge and haven't felt motivated to eat it. Note to self: tomorrow eat yogurt with granola and fruit for breakfast.


Oooh what pretty dessert dishes!


What pretty napkins you received.

Sounds like you've been having some very full and fun days. Keep enjoying!


i couldn't agree more with you about these days slipping away! it really breaks my heart how fast my kids are growing.... i too am trying to "be there" when they are there. and really be engaged in what they are doing and saying. (without my minds fluttering away to what i want to make!:) )

can not wait to see your quilt. i seriously think about you every single day... when i see my fabric sitting there! :)

Kim D.

So glad you liked the napkins and put them to good use. I'm such a huge greek yogurt fan, unfortunately I don't serve it from such lovely bowls. I may have to change that.

Lisa Q

I've been trying the greek yogart and I'm loving it...I like your dessert cups, they are so pretty. I'm so glad you enjoyed the napkin swap...your swap partner Kim did a great job! Keep enjoying the days!


Grade A stuff. I'm unqusteinobaly in your debt.

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