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April 06, 2010


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enjoy your beach time!


I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!!


Have a great trip! We leave in eight days...the boys have already started to pack! Can't wait!

Meg Evans

Have fun at the beach! I'm loving all those Liberty prints I spied in your pictures!


so jealous that you'll be at the beach. so.jealous. those quilt blocks have my eye...the mix of fabrics is incredible. i'll be looking for that tutorial. have a *great* time!


Have fun! Staying at a hotel or with friends? You should call me, I'm on spring break, we can meet for lunch (or yarn shopping!).


the beach - way cool. have a wonderful time.


Have a wonderful time at the beach....I'm envious. We're a long way off from beach weather around here. I notice you've got the Liberty of London hat on the table. I'm very tempted to buy one too. I'll look forward to the tutorial.

Lisa Q

enjoy your time at the beach...Abigail looks so grown up in that photo at the top. Maybe it's the beach hat?!? have fun! let the sand run through your toes for me!


Enjoy the beach!!!!!!!!! I would be giddy, too.

Can't wait for that tutorial. I think I will be brave and try a quilt this summer as my project once school is over.



Have a great time, Larissa!!

The White Farmhouse


I have been enjoying your quilt pictures! Enjoy your beach trip. By the way, I've just finished the Grown Up Neighborly sweater. Stop by if you get a chance.


Have a great time time at the beach! And I love the colors in your nine-patch squares.


Oooo, the beach.... sounds wonderful! It hit the 90's here today, the beach would've been nice :)

Did you make your daughter's sun hat? It's really pretty.


oh, have fun!! looking forward to your tuts, but life does have a way of taking over!


Have a wonderful and relaxing time at the beach! Take lots of pictures :)))

BTW, your little guinea pig is adorable!


Lovely flowers everywhere. I hope you have a great tiem!


Vacations!! Have a blast and come back we'll miss you!


Enjoy!! Look forward to your return! :)


Have some wonderful beach time together :)
LOVE the pictures in this post, just gorgeous


I never would have thought to put those two fabrics together and I LOVE IT! Have fun on the beach. I wish that's where we were heading this week. :)

theresa/t does wool

enjoy your time entirely~~!


looking forward to your tutorial....i really want to try it....i just need to be braver about the whole quilting thing!
hope you have a fun and save trip!


I'm a bit late to the party here. but catching up with you is fun! is that a liberty of london hat?? loving all things l.o.l.

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