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April 25, 2010


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love the bag. awesome. I spruced up our laundry area this last week too.


That bag is AMAZING!! I love the colors and the structure.
Putting something so blah as dryer sheets into a beautiful dish is such a great idea. Like you said, it inspires even the most mundane tasks.


That is a lot of goodness! I love your silverware in those jelly jars--so beautiful!


Isn't wonderful appreciating the little bits of beauty all around us? I love how you store you dryer sheets. I keep mine in a little enamelware refrigerator dish. It makes me smile! And I'm so in love with that bag from Beki. As I was driving home from the lake this morning, I was thinking about purchasing one myself. I'll have to head over to her shop to see what's left.


That bag made me take notice too!! Very stylish, indeed.

I love your idea of having silverware in jars like that. When it's just the two of us at home, obviously I don't need that - but - I'm always having large gatherings for BBQs and I love this idea!


I loved this post : )
It certainly is in the little things isn't it!
I love that your dryer sheets are in a pretty dish and that your silverware looks so lovely! That certainly is one wonderful outfit!


Love the star jars, the pink pyrex and the purse! And love decorating in WHITE, especially come Christmas time.


Your quilt is just so pretty, I love the colors and all those little squares! It would make an awesome rug. Cool purse too, very stylish :)


great reminder to notice the small things. a nine patch rug would be amazing! and i love that purse.


Lovely post.


Noticing is the difference between sailing through life and fully living. Thank you for the wise words

Meg Evans

I love what Imene just said! Such great thoughts--and your jelly jars are so cute!

I think about painting my walls white, too. But it took us so long to get happy with the colors we have on the walls...but our bedroom walls are white, so maybe I can start in there!

And I could probably gush about that nine patch every time I see it!


love all your bits of wonderful in this post.
treating yourself to a beautiful dish on the dryer...
treating yourself to a beautiful stylish bag (so want one too)...
treating yourself to dreams...
treating yourself treated us too!


I think it's wonderful that you keep dryer sheets in a special dish. I often forget to treat myself kindly so it's nice to see reminders from others on how easy it is to do. Good for you.

Lisa Q

LOVE this post. there really is such beauty all around, if only we'll notice. I'm on the hunt for a pretty dish for my dryer sheets...that is such a great idea. Hope you keep tripping over the beautiful this week.


Your quilt looks so beautiful. It would look fabulous as a rug but it's too beautiful for that.
I love the jars that hold your silverware.

Simple yet beautiful!!



okay...I'm off to the thrift store this week to find a pyrex dish to house my dryer sheets. Brillant!


I love those little jelly jar glasses, another one bit the dust today but that's the price you pay with little ones using glass. Thankfully, garage sale season is coming up and they are easy to find!
The quilt top is beautiful! Great work, can't wait to see it quilted!


Love it! Thanks for the beauty.

alyssa spring

Love the idea of the quilt for a rug and LOVE the outfit idea!!!!!

wishes, true and kind

Nice post! Sometimes those little things make all the difference. Years ago I saw/read in a magazine to buy pretty olive oil bottles (you know, with the metal spout) and fill with the dish washing soap. My husband often does the dishes -- anything by hand and loading into the dishwasher -- and even he commented that he really likes using the cool bottle rather than the plastic container the soap comes in.

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Brilliant stuff. I like the design of your website template, can you tell me where you got if from please?


I followed your lead...I found a little brown casserole dish that was the perfect size for the dryer sheets. Now it has a new home and use. :)

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