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April 11, 2010


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Looks like a great vacation! So much fun. My kids would be so jealous if I showed them the pics :)

alyssa spring

What lovely pictures! I'm so glad you got some family time away!

wishes, true and kind

Looks like you had a wonderful time! So true about life getting right back to normal when you walk in the front door!


glad you had a good time and looks like good weather too! welcome home : )


oh lovely lovely beach! It makes you feel so free, doesnt it?

very beautiful post!

Adirondack Mama

WOW! NExt time I'd like to come.

You killed me with the elevator shot. Eben and Sam pretty much get into a fist right over who gets to push buttons on the elevator when they get to see one.

One of the perks of not living in a city, huh.

Glad that you had a good time.


Welcome home....I'm glad your trip was wonderful and filled with wonder. Elevators and escalators and hotel pools were all we used to need for a great vacation. Sometimes, I just thought about driving into the nearest city and getting a room in the biggest hotel for a weekend. That's all my brood ever seemed to care about. Sorry about the piles of laundry. Reality is harsh.

Hip Mountain Mama

How fun! I would love to take my kids to the beach some day...for now they will have to enjoy the sand dunes!


Wonderful pictures ~ and I so agree about the elevator! Looks like you enjoyed some lovely weather and even if not the best children still go in the water :)

Plain and Joyful Living

I also love how our children delight in the little things... just going out for an icecream brings squeals of delight.
Glad you had a wonderful time.
And let yourself ease into the routine again (easy for me to say, but hard for me to do too without getting overwhelmed.)
Warm wishes, Tonya


How the heck did I miss that you were so close?!?!?! You must email next time you are in the area.


What fun~I love seeing kids playing in the sand and running through the water. It's so simple and pure.

Glad you had a great vacation. Your pictures are lovely. Makes me want to run away to the beach.



So jealous! Looks like you guys had a great vacation :) I love the elevator photo, too funny, and yes they'll be plenty of time for elevators later in life.

Lisa Q

I love seeing your kids scampering around the beach enjoying themselves. That elevator picture is too cute! Isn't it great they can be tickled with an elevator!? Hope your reentry time goes smoothly...it's always hard coming home from a wonderful vacation - back to reality.


So true about diving right back into the chores and routines. I recognized the Virginia Marine Science Museum; fun isn't it? I've been interested in sewing lately, collecting thrift store fabric; I'm blaming/giving you credit for it!!


Oof! I took my own mini-vacation looking at your pictures and then the dryer buzzer went off. Unfair. Welcome home!


Beautiful photos! It looks so WARM I can hardly believe it (I woke up to at least six new inches of snow this morning). : ) It looks like you and your family had a wonderful trip. It'll be nice to have you around bloggy-land again, though.


your beach photos make me long for summer vacation, but by the looks of the calendar that will be here soon enough! I know just how you feel with the re-entry process. I dread it so much I try make sure the house is completely cleaned and laundry done before we leave...and that's hard to do. glad your break was restful.


aww. your pictures made me smile.

glad you had a great getaway!!

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