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March 22, 2010


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Sounds like it was a great weekend. Happy Birthday ! I love your Liberty Mug. I can't wait to get somethig Liberty the next time I go by Target. You've got me hooked on Chai tea.


wow. such a fun post! Love how you described your boy - mama's know their kids best : )

okay, now I am tempted to go to target...


Happy Monday to you too! I love the new bed spread.


wow--11! his quilt turned out great.

that snack does sound yummy. I sometimes eat dried cranberries and nuts together (sweet / tart / salty!) and I am *always* up for a cup of tea.

The Liberty of London stuff has been absolutely snapped up around here--your mug is really pretty.


larissa - i bought that exact same mug as part of my liberty/target haul this past week. yay!!
love the quilt so much - you are such a great mom! happy happy birthday to your sweet boy!

alyssa spring

The blanket came out more then lovely...and I love chai tea too. I'm so glad I found your blog....


I need to go to Target immediately. And that quilt, such a wonderful present.

Looks like a wonderful weekend.


Lovely photos of a special day! (Despite your good one's being on the other camera).

The quilt is gorgeous and fun and a great gift he'll always remember.

I love my gala apple with fresh walnuts in the morning - but now I'm curious what a banana would be like!

Meg Evans

What a great weekend--and I share the mug love! Eleven! That just doesn't seem real, does it? I swear time is moving faster...


Oof - seeing your son's quilt (love the red binding!) reminds me I have some un-sewing to do so I can get restarted on my daughter's "big sister" quilt. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Many Happy Returns to your son!


I've been thinking since yesterday how cool that spring quilt is. It's wonderful that you can pull it together so well. I'd be mired in too many questions. I bet he had a good nights sleep under that quilt!


Sounds like good birthday fun. Your quilt turned out great, as usual. I'm sure it will be appreciated forever.

And Liberty of London at Target? Since when? Oh my, I must head there on my lunch break.


he sounds like one heck of a cool kiddo! i am jealous of your liberty mug and chai...may i ask how you prepare yours? i can never get my chai right...

Lisa Q

happy birthday ezra! hope this year is full of wonder and blessings for you! larissa, i love your cup from target...too cute! sounds like you all are so enjoying this season. the quilt turned out wonderful...looks like one he'll love for many many years. you're such a great mama!


His quilt turned out so nice, I'm sure he loves it! I love the last photo of your daughter holding the daffodil :) And walnuts and bananas...hmmm I'm going to have to try that! Sounds yummy.


Love that quilt, and your fav snack, and the blowing out the candles pic, especially with the uncontrollable excitement expressed on the little sister's face.



you're one awesome mama!!
Happy Birthday Ezra!
your quilt is wonderful and perfect for a big guy's room.
I've been to every department at Target looking at all the Liberty of London items! they're everywhere and oh so tempting!! so I love your new tea cup.

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