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March 14, 2010


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what a wonderful weekend you had!! a shopping trip with just abigail...how special. and "just because they made us smile" tulips...even better. have a wonderful start to your week!

*how did the tournament finish?*


I love that you celebrate pi day with pie :) And what a lovely weekend you had. We unfortunately had ran all weekend, but we got a lot done inside.


What a wonderful idea! I'm going to have to remember to celebrate pi day with pie next year. Your pies look stupendously yummy!


Oh pie. I should have thought of making some!

wishes, true and kind

Baking, the out-of-doors, thrift store finds, and beautiful flowers -- sounds like a great pi day to me, too!


I celebrate "pi day" with cake because it's my birthday!! And I have for the past, ahem...39 yrs.

Love the thrifty find. And those flowers... a sign of what's to come! And I cannot wait. :)

Have I ever mentioned my oldest daughter's name is Abigail too?


What a great day! The weather was so nice; love the bowls and tulips! When I taught math, I did pi day with the students; lots of fun!


I love this! I never heard of Pi day, but my sixth grader is learning all about Pi (and therefore, I am too). You pies look wonderful.

And, I see you're loving vintage bowls. I have both of these patterns. Such fun blasting back to the past.

Meg Evans

Pi day! What a fantastic excuse to make pie! Your weekend looks like it was just right. Ours was just right, too--even with all the rain! The weatherman is promising great things (65 degrees) by Friday, so I'm hopeful that we'll be back outside soon.


Pi Day = brilliant. Love your posts, they are so calming... like mini vacations! Thanks!


what a good reason to make pie. Love your finds and of course, love fresh flowers : )


We made pie too this weekend...sweet potatoe...for a certain little baby's first birthday. I love your bowls. They make me think about my grandma's house when I was little.


Lisa Q

happy pi day...that's such a cool tradition. those pies look so good! and I love your new purchases...those bowls are divine and the tulips perfect for spring. Have a wonderful week....basketball season is almost over (we head to Liberty U this week for a tournament and then I get my life back!) hopefully I'll catch up with you soon girl!

Nancy from Mass

You are so lucky to find Pyrex at the thrift store! I NEVER find them at mine.

Wish I had a slice of that Blueberry pie right now...might have to go home and make one myself!


oh larissa. it sounds like a fabulous weekend. and i am in love with your new pyrex bowls!!!


Pi day! How clever you are! And who can complain about a day for making (and eating) pie! Lucky you to find those bowls, they are hard to find now days.


your pictures are beautiful! i love the one with the moss growing up the tree! your pies look delicious too!


What a wonderful post, Larissa! Is that pumpkin pie I spy? I have the big version of the green pyrex bowl--it's a favorite. And the tulips are so vivid--lovely.


Pi day was going to be a big day in Princeton but it got totally rained on by our big nor'easter ! I'll have to honor the day next year with a pie.

Donna Rae Barrow

I LOVE Pi Day! What a great idea. Now, who can I get to make me some pie? I hope whoever he is will bring me some gorgeous tulips and treasures he's found on his journeys... where did my husband go?


what better excuse for pie than pi day?! any excuse works for me.

i got a 'new' vintage dish this weekend too. a corning ware fire king casserole w/lid that was in my mama's basement. can't wait to use it. another step in the right direction for my goal of eliminating plastic and moving to all glass. happy me.


What a great tradition! I love to bake pies - blueberry is probably my favorite (unless you can get ahold of fresh tart Michigan cherries).


Pie on Pi day! I love it! I really wanted pie yesterday...I'm going to have to remember Pi day! What awesome pyrex goodness you found!
Hope you're well Larissa!


Oh I HAVE to put that on my calendar for next year. What a cool way to celebrate :)


Someone is enjoying her new lens ;o) How do you like it?
I love the pictures, the pie and everything.


I always forget about Pi day...looks yummy though! Hasn't the weather been grand?


Oh, those gold pods against the blue make me SWOON! (And how did I not know about Pi day until someone mentioned it to me this year? A whole new excuse to make one of the world's best foods!!)

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