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March 05, 2010


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i love your sweaters. they fit you so perfectly and apron too!

Lisa Q

congrats dodi! such good stuff larissa! have a wonderful weekend.


Lucky Dodi! She's going to love the apron -- oh and the wool too. Have a happy weekend.


Your knitting suggestions are wonderful and helpful, than you.


That cardi is just amazing. Wonderful suggestions. And that fabric....thank you. I need some.


Thanks for the Chai Tea recipe. I've been curious about how it's made. I'm going to try it this afternoon!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Larissa! Just sent you a private message with all my particulars.

So excited to see what comes of the yarn! Decisions, decisions.... ☺


Thanks for the tips on sweater draping, I tend to knit and crochet very tight and all of the sweaters I've made Jackson so far are very stiff. This makes a lot of sense now. Love the sweaters you make yourself, so pretty, you have great taste in picking out patterns. When I finally get around to making myself my first sweater, I know I'll be coming to your blog to chose one to make. :)


I don't know how I missed your contest but since I did, I'll console myself with going back and reading all the comments and finding new blogs to read!


PS The Larissa comments on my blog are some of my favorites! Sometimes I want to write back and say, "That made my day!" (but I don't get your email address on your comments.)


Karen thank you! Your comment just made my day.


I love the Q&A session! I learned fantastic things about knitting and dancing ;o)

Meg Evans

Oh, lucky Dodi! The Q & A was great--I like your thoughts on what makes a sweater fit well.


another post I have to print out! I think I need to start a binder of larissa's wisdom.
I always love the fit of your sweaters!! thanks for all the knitting tips!
and your fabric choices...the best!

theresa/t does wool

congrats to the winners!!
your sweaters look great...
and I need to make that apron...I do~


Thanks for the tips on drape. I don't get too concerned about row gauge either. I just sorta wing that part of my sweaters.


Great tips on the sweaters. I have wanted to try making one for so long but I chicken out. Your tips will be great if I am ever brave enough to give it a try.

I love chai tea, too. One of my favorites!!


Term Papers

Such a creative post.


Thank you so much for all of the amazing knitting info in this post, I had never thought of half of this, and I wondered how your drape was so perfect.


ha! just scrolled down to this post and my chai tea making question is answered!

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