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March 31, 2010


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ooohhhh, I'm so jealous of your beautiful flowers. It's still fitfully snowing here. I'm also looking forward to seeing your new quilt. You are SO prolific. : )

Plain and Joyful Living

Such beautiful photographs. Hope you had a wonderful Passover celebration. I used to love celebrating Passover at my grandparent's home as a child.. so many traditions and memories.
Warm wishes, Tonya


Enjoy the season! This weekend, things should really pop here! I'm ready!

Meg Evans

I'm loving all the blooming things you have around you, and I'm loving your new quilt top, too! Enjoy the springtime fun. The sun has finally come out here, and the temperatures are climbing--time to get the broccoli into the ground!


beautiful - all of it!

Adirondack Mama

So jealous of your blooms. I am patient, but chomping at the bit at the same time.

Gorgeous fabric as always.


Gorgeous blooms everywhere! I miss my rhododendrons and dogwood trees. Oh, well. I have Chaparal now - but it isn't the same - LOL


I want to come play with your fabric. My stash is small and not very inspiring because of it, but I've been reluctant to let it grow too much. Sure does look like fun though.


just discovered you blog - it's wonderful! Thank you for all of the tutorials...I'm inspired to quilt more!


I've been seeing more and more color popping up this week outdoors, not quite as much in your town, but we're getting there. Can't wait to see your quilt, the fabric looks very pretty. I want to make a patchwork quilt one day of lots of my favorite fabrics and not think about the placement at all, very random.


Beautiful flower shots, Larissa. That sounds like a well-planned but not too planned quilt plan! I look forward to seeing the end result!


Gorgeous photos Larissa. Wow. Looks like you have been enjoying some gorgeous weather, and it looks like a peaceful time.

Lisa Q

beautiful photos girl! Isn't this such a gorgeous time of year. Everything is really coming to life! Can't wait to see that quilt top! Have a wonderful weekend.


we are about3-4 weeks behind you! but i can't wait. your quilts have been inspiring me lately! glad you found some time to sew!

Jennifer Tan

Beautiful pictures! I love your blog and I found you through Rhythm of the Home.


It's alywas a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.

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