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February 07, 2010


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ok, this lovely post is making me appreciate the colder winter weather. i plan on using it as inspiration on monday morning and making the most of the week.
i love coming here and finding posts like this.


Lots of great winter pics, Larissa. I like the quote about winter color; so true.


Oh how I envy you, it is all so beautiful!


Beautiful pictures, just like my home. Far away now though....Thanks


Gorgeous photos; wasn't the snow great? I loved the way this one stuck to the trees. It's cold here this morning and I don't want to go to work.....


Great pictures (and a great dessert). That picture of your dog reminds me of our first dog Davey. He was a loyal old soul. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

Meg Evans

Beautiful pictures. I need to get outside with my camera. This weekend, I was outside with the shovel! And it looks like it's going to be more of the same on Wednesday. I'll be running back to the store for more essentials.


we got a bunch of snow on friday night... i absolutely love seeing everything covered in white outside... and having something wonderful to eat inside! :)


Sounds like a lovely weekend. I have the recipe all printed out and I am going to give it a go this morning. Thanks for the link!


those snowy photos are beautiful!


Such beautiful snowy pictures. I love it.
I am making that cake, those are some serious words of praise, so I don't think I could not :) Stay safe and warm


LOVE your snow quote and your snow pictures!! Winter is so worth it when everything is covered in snow!! keep your body warm and your tummy full (looks like that won't be a problem with your yummy recipes!!).


The trees look so beautiful covered in snow. We have another 2 ft or more of snow heading our way tomorrow night and then possibly more on the weekend. I don't like the shoveling, but sometimes it's nice when mother nature makes you take some time off to spend it with your family. Any more snow coming your way this week?


Hi Larissa,
What beautiful wintry images you captured! So lovely! Always nice to come in from the cold to a bowl of hot soup!....and that sweet treat looks way too good!
with love,


How fun! Cake, soup, a walk in the sunshine and snow! I'm going to try that cake, it sounds like my kind of treat. Thanks!


Gorgeous, gorgeous wintry photos!
And that cake looks so good!


Your quote and pictures make me think a little better of our impending snow storm.


uhhh! can I have some cake after a nice and refreshing walk in the snowy woods? We will be getting more snow tonight as well.

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

looks like a really lovely weekend...

I'm using my imagination to dream up some little alchemy cards that I've been playing with...I'll show and tell tomorrow on so wabi sabi.

r4 sdhc

Beautiful shots!! I like such snowy locations very much. Thanks for these pictures. Looks cool!


Such a great quote ('the color of winter is in the imagination'). Thanks!


Wonderful pictures! Wish the sun would show its face around here!

Gabriele Kubo

what a beautiful saying!!
Will keep that for my lessons and for me!!!
Will start this evening with the brown girl's sweater!
Tanoshimi!! "Looking forward to that in pleasure" in Japanese!


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