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February 16, 2010


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Meg Evans

How wonderful! And the pictures of those happy kids surrounded by all that mama-made goodness is just fantastic!

Today does feel like a Monday--I feel like the holiday should have been cancelled in light of all the days off last week!


I love all of your pillows....What a cozy den for your boys! It looks like a great place to snuggle in with a good book. Are your kids off from school this week? Here in NYS it's our mid-Winter break. My kiddos are lounging around being bums during the day, but they have musical rehearsals from 6:30 - 10:30 every evening. What's a mom to do? Oh, I can think of a few projects calling me!


How sweet! I love the pillows. And I can't wait until my little guys are old enough to express their affection in their own words.


those are perfect little pillows. It will be fun to leave the next note in them.


sweetest darn pillows... EVER!!!!!!!!!
LOVE those... and what a treasure!


The pillows are adorable. What a fantastic keepsake for your kids! Love the tulips and congrats on 20 years.


Such sweet pillows, and I saw a pretty quilt in the one photo, very nice:) Love all their pillows and blankets, looks so cozy!


Don't you just love watching them love? I love the pillows, and nothing makes me happier than seeing kids cuddle up with something mama made!

wishes, true and kind

Those pillows and love notes are just about the sweetest thing ever!


looks like you filled the day with lots of LOVE! your pillow creations are adorable! and I can just imagine the notes you'll leave for your precious ones. have a great week!


WOW, what beautiful pillows. They obviously were a great hit.

You do such wonderful work.

Lisa Q

I love all the captures of the pillows...looks they're received with as much love as they were given. sounds like you had a lovely day...john and i got out to dinner together and enjoyed some browsing in the book store. it was good to be just us for a couple of hours.


I am new to your blog and I love it. I could spend hours here. Your projects are so wonderful. Such beautiful pictures and words to draw you in.



Aww, such sweet gifts! I'll have to remember those pillows for next year.


How cute those are! I saw your tutorial on Heather's blog but didn't realize the pillows were that size. Perfect for snuggling! Mine love the pillows I made them from their old favorite t-shirts. Loved reading your reflections on Valentine's Day!

theresa/t does wool

the cutest pillows!!


These pillows are a lovely idea; I'm going to have to remember them to do later. I love that your boys appreciate them so much!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Lucy!


sweet! sweet! sweet photos! : )

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