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February 18, 2010


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wishes, true and kind

What a wonderful and inspirational woman! Thank you for sharing her with us.

Tayla B

Violet sounds like an amazing friend! Some people are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing this... It's people like her that keep me motivated.


Oh, we both have been treated with kindness this week. My kids and I went to lunch at a friends house yesterday (of course, I blogged about it). And, I train a Violet at the Senior Center - she is 87 years old and still exercising!! I love having relationships with people of all ages. Thanks for sharing this.

Beth Lehman

larissa, i loved this post - there is nothing like homemade tomato soup - I wish I had her pantry! you made me think about priorities today - and my own neighbors - i don't know them as much as i would like to...


What a wonderful posting about something that should be documented and shared. It's a story with a sad ending, yet it makes me feel good to know that their lives have been so rich with love, companionship and appreciation for so much.


I love that name. What an inspiration to have so close.

This is a beautiful story.


What a wonderful woman. Great post and so inspirational ! Thanks - I'm going to try harder today !


That is inspiring. I love how her shelves are lined with paper... :o)

Meg Evans

I am wiping away tears. Wow. What a couple. And I have serious pantry envy! I love the principal's quote. Yesterday, I was at Michael's and picked up a little notebook in the $1 spot. The cover of the notebook has this quote on it: "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." It's from Abraham Lincoln. Good words, I think.


Beautiful story and so inspiring. I love the quote. I know I will be repeating it to everyone around me.


What a beautiful post this is and what a beautiful woman Violet is. You're blessed to have her in your life.


larissa -
this is such a wonderful lovely post. i am so happy that you introduced this wonderful woman to us. and how i love her name - violet! - it seems to fit her so well. so beautiful. you are so blessed to know such an extraordinary woman. i guess you extraordinary women just find each other, don't you? please if you ever have the opportunity, let this dear woman know what an inspiration she is to all of us. i aspire to be that kind of lovely, godly, woman.


What an inspiring woman Violet is! Makes me reflect on how my life annoyances are really so trivial. Thanks for sharing Violet with us :D

PS This also reminds me I simply MUST do something about my pantry which is full of dusty old cans of who knows what - LOL



Violet sounds like an awesome lady! I am a school counselor and I read those same words every morning that your children's princpal read as part of Project Wisdom! It was nice to hear that folks listen to and appreciate those announcements. Thanks for the daily inspiration.

P.S. I am still loving your chai.:)


what a complete treasure! reading this warmed my heart.


Thank you for sharing your visit with Violet. That tiny glimpse of her story was so moving and inspiring. Oh and that pantry!! Just one more reason to get our garden up and growing this year!I need to have that pantry stocked full of home grown organic goodness.


What a talented and wonderful woman and friend. Thanks for sharing your visit. Her pantry blows my mind, how wonderful is that!


This post speaks to me so strongly. Thank you for sharing the most inspirational words.. sharing a most inspirational woman, wife and husband. A marriage. Wonderful.
This is my first comment, but I have enjoyed your lovely blog for a bit.
Thank you!


Wow! It is great to find out about this special lady. I'm amazed by her pantry. She seems ready for anything! Beth


WOW. That was an awesome post. Thank you for writing about her! We should all be more like Violet. I am envious of her attitude, skills, and pantry! Whoa. I'm glad you have such a great lady in your life, Larissa!


What an amazing woman!
Her pantry is absolutely incredible!! It reminds me of how I remember my grandmothers to be when I was a child. It is so inspiring to hear of this couple and how Violet made this book of their lives. What a light she is. Best of wishes to her and her husband.


hi there. In response to your question on my blog... I did ask my friend for permission. She asked that I not photograph her. I wanted the photos for selfish reasons of course. Did your friends find it strange that you wanted to take the pictures? did you tell them that you blog? Now, I am the one asking all the questions : )


Thank you so much Violet for inspiring me to have a good day today! You are such a beautiful woman and your life is the picture of what I dream that mine can be. I understand all to well your situation with your husband's diagnosis. My brother-in-law passed away 4 years ago from the same cancer. I'm sure you know how serious it is, but he was much like I envision your husband in that he greeted each day with joy and humility. He touched and inspired so many lives while he was here and we are constantly reminded of him and his acts of kindness and example of a hard working person. I am overcome with that same feeling when I read your story here, and I'm sure your attitude and work ethic is representative of your husband's. What a wonderful thing you have done putting together a life story! I would love to read that. Really, I don't know you but you seem like an incredible person and that interests me! God bless you and your family. My prayers go out to you and your loved ones during this time.
(And thank you so much Larissa for taking the time to share with us this beautiful woman's story. I have been truly touched today.)


i'm so moved by violet, and in awe. what a treasure she is to have in your life. we all need a violet in our lives, i think.

Lisa Q

beautiful. thank you for sharing her story...she sounds incredible. what a wonderful afternoon you had.


That is one inspired friend your blessed to have, thanks for sharing her:-)


All I have to say is WOW! My mom has PD; she was diagnosed nearly 25 years ago. She gave up on her normal life years and years ago; opting instead to focus on the obsessive/compulsive tendencies that are a part of PD for some patients. I respect her decision to not take meds for the psych problems, but I do wish she would get some counseling. I digress; however, I share all of this so that you will know that I truly understand how amazing your friend really is! WOW!


What an inspiration!


Wow! What a wonderful woman! I love her pantry! You are truly blessed to have her in your life. I'm hanging that quote up in our kitchen!


I loved this post. It's so true about making your day a good one - choice.
Thank you for sharing your friend and her story with us.


What a lovely relationship you have formed. I have a few friends like Violet. Their generation is definitely classy in a way we will never be. Hurray for such friends!


What a wonderful mentor and inspiration to all of us. I long to meet someone so wise and hardworking who can lead me through and teach me the things I have wanted to learn for so long. She sounds like an absolute treasure. You are blessed to have met her.
The list of abilities that Violet has are simply amazing. As long as I can remember I have wanted to learn how to do all of those things. Her pantry is just amazing.


I saw your post on knittermama's blog so I decided to hop on by here. And I was so glad I did to read this beautiful and inspirational story. What a lovely woman to know.


how blessed you are to have such a wonderful friend! seems like the blessings flow back and forth from friend to friend. this story was written with such love. thanks for sharing it with us!


oh my gosh. i love violet!

when i first read her husband of 58 years. i thought. wow! she is some woman. landing a 58 year old man! :) and then i realized....

i will keep them in my prayers. and wish all good things for them.


Wow. I want to be Violet when I grow up.

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