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February 09, 2010


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Oh what beautiful finds! That tablecloth is so wonderful!! I think good thrifting is in the air or something....I found many treasures yesterday!
with love,

Lisa Q

score! love that butter dish...and the pyrex...and the linens....girl you did good. Your table looks so springy and fresh. love it all!


I love that! Thrift finds are my favorite and you really set a lovely table; so cheery!

Meg Evans

You really hit the jackpot at the thrift store!

We are spending our day watching the snow fall...and I'm pretty sure that the rest of our week will have delayed starts.


Love your vintage finds!! And how you spent your morning.

We are in the 'worst' of the storm now but I think we'll end up with less snow than they expected.

Stiching Comfort

It is beautiful! I love dishes, tablecloths and all those things. I love to put lovely things on the supper table. It makes everybody happy :-)
I also love your blog, you are very talented.

Keep up the good work!


i'm curious, does your family sit down at the table after school together for a meal? this is an idea I have been playing with but my kids (13,11,9) find it odd still.

p.s. - I love all your thrifted finds.


score! what wonderful finds!
cheery, cheery, cheery.
I love how you used everything right away!


Love the butter dish!!

Julie Pennick

So much cuteness. Don't you love it when the thrifting gods bestow treasures upon you? Enjoy your new finds.

Nancy from Mass

you are sooo lucky! Love the table setting with your new finds.


Wow, those are all so great! Lucky you :)


That is one superb catch at the Thrift Store!

I love the thrift store, but you are right, it IS hit or miss.

Looks like you have a complete HIT!

Enjoy the soup.


You definitely hit the jackpot....Any find of Pyrex is a great find, in my book! Love the tablecloth too. I have a bunch of hankies that we're using as napkins too since we started this One Small Change challenge. Enjoy your snowy days -- more must be arriving at your doorstep right now. Here in NY we're really not seeing that much. My kids are moaning because so far they've only had one snow-day all year.


"happiness is in the little things..."

I could not agree with you more. Lovely photo set and the score is simply the best!


I'll say you hit the jackpot! Whenever I visit my parents my mother and I go shopping downtown and she insists we poke about the thrift shop. I've come home with a few treasures myself!

Is that a german shepherd I see in the previous post? Our GS passed in 2001 and Steve has been missing one ever since..... Saturday a litter was born and you can guess the rest....we're adopting.


I love the fact that you came right home and put everything to use, especially just for an afternoon snack. I think that is increadibly special, and what gorgeous finds you have there. You certainly have a way of making everything more beautiful


I really, really want my table to look like yours- beautiful!


Looks like you had fun at the thrift store! Happiness is indeed in the little things.


Your table looks so pretty! Love the butter dish and table cloth :)


what great finds! your table looks set for spring.


I love your table! I think it is so nice to take that extra time to make the table special for your family. We never did that growing up- only for company but we do it now and we all enjoy it.

r4 sdhc

Beautiful accessories, which makes table so pretty.
I would like to decorate my table as yours.


Such a pretty table. I bet dinner was delicious.


oh, i love that butter dish! i've got one on my list now, thanks for sharing :)


these are really gorgeous finds! your table looks so cheery. my favorite is the table cloth.


I love those delicately embroidered napkins. They are a great find!



wow! great finds!

Lucy Morrison

Everyone here comments on what you have found at the store, but please, let me tell you.. You have a wonderful relationship with your children, and you are so blessed with them. Please, keep them safe and they will keep your heart and mind at peace. God bless you.

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