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February 23, 2010


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That is a good movie :)

That quilt is amazing! That's alot of cutting and sewing, but will be so worth it in the end :)

wishes, true and kind

Oh, yes! Please finish that gorgeous quilt so that we can see it!


Sounds like a perfect way to spend some time!


sounds like it filled your bucket today! I admire your dedication to "the quilt"! can't wait to see your completed project.


Looks like you had fun! I won't be able to get to the quilt show after all, as I can't take off work this week and we're headed to daughter #2 this weekend. Let me know if you go!

Lisa Q

you are so right...washing fabric is not the same as doing laundry! Your washer is so colorful filled with all that goodness. Can't wait to see your Leslie quilt all put together! I just love that your boy has put in a request for more of mama's quilted goodness...that is so wonderful. Enjoy your week and your fabrics!


Can't wait to see your completed quilt. I love all the fabric loveliness in your washing machine. Definitely not the same as doing laundry. Such a fun way to spend time.


Meg Evans

I can't wait to see your finished quilt! And I do get so excited about washing new fabrics--I even iron them, so no, it's definitely a different animal from laundry. (Laundry can be wrinkled!)

Looks like you had a good day.


How do you make a picture of laundry (okay -- fabric in a washer) look so good? I'm impressed. As always. Happy quilting.


Can't wait to see what you do with all that yummy fabric. Love the new header


What a lovely way to spend a cold February day!


You make me want to do laundry. Especially pretty hued fabric laundry.

Tis the year for projects.


I love those squares you are working on!


it is going to be lovely.

and i would be RIGHT on that if one of my boys was so into it. i love that.
actually come to think of it... charlie has been asking for a new quilt. he actually had "covers" written on his birthday list. he is 14. :)


What a lovely way to spend some time. We're home because of a snow storm but for the life of me I can't recall doing anything productive ;o)


That is quite a quilt. It will be beautiful when you're done.
I have seen Transsiberian; it left me thinking.


I'm jealous. I'm not doing fun laundry but the regular stinky kind right now.


who would have thought a photo of a washing machine could be so cheerful? very nice!

theresa/t does wool

you make me want to play with fabric~~~

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