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January 01, 2010


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bright and blithe

You know, I sort of like the idea of putting up a tree at the beginning of the year. A very unique tradition. I'm sure your children will treasure the memory. Hope you can carve out some quiet time in your tidy new space. It looks so very inviting.


Mmm! All looks so good! Do you go without a tree during Christmas? I love your organized space. Looks like time will be well spent and enjoyed in there.


darlene, we're jewish so we celebrate Hanukkah. My parents grew up in Russia where the dominant 'religion' was socialism/communism and jews were not allowed to openly celebrate Hanukkah. So Hanukkah was celebrated quietly at home with a few cherished traditions and foods and then everyone put up a tree for New Years. Santa Claus was called Father Frost and he, too, delivered gifts on New Years. No one celebrated Christmas either - religion interfered with communism. We emigrated to the US when I was five and have held on to this tradition - even though we now openly celebrate Hanukkah. This year Hanukkah fell on december 11-18 - it's different each year because jews follow the lunar calendar. I'm sure this was way more than you wanted to know but i'm feeling more verbose this year - home it doesn't get me into trouble!

Meg Evans

Happy New Year, Larissa! I had an idea for a new year's gift for my kids that I just this morning realized that I forgot about--maybe hubby and I can finish it and present it to them at dinner.

I have stash envy looking at all your great fabrics!


Happy New Year, Larissa! The matroyshka are so sweet! And your fabric stacks and felt stacks really are inspiring; helping me to see my piles (not so neat) in a new way...


Happy New Year! That's interesting that you put your tree up on New Year's eve, how long will you keep it up now. I always love hearing different traditions people have. Oh and your stash of fabrics are fantastic! Makes me want to go through all of my fabrics. Maybe something old will be inspiring as well. :)


happy new year!!!! gorgeous photos :) xoxo


Holy Moly! I am officially drooling over your fabric and felt stash.

And how cute are those little stacking Santa's?

Happy New Year.

Lisa Q

I love your matroyshka dolls. I have a collection of them too! The ribbon candy is so pretty! I was surprised when I saw the twinkle lights...I like the New Year's tree idea! what a fun tradition. Your fabric stash is wonderful! and I can hardly wait to see what you do with those applique scissors and felt. Here's to a wonderfully full New Year with blessings overflowing!


Hmmmm....what are you going to make with all that wool felt? I can't wait to see! Have a happy new year!


What a wonderful tradition! I can't wait to tell my boys about it! Happy New Year! and oh, to have an organized stash! So jealous!


L, thanks for sharing your tradition (in the comments) with us. what a cherished tradition for you to remember a difficult time and celebrate a new time of freedom. may this year bring you much happiness, good health, family moments, and many projects to share in this wonderful space.


those sweets looks so interesting and delicious!
what a lovely tradition with the tree on new year's eve.
happy new year to you and your family, larissa. Your year looks very promising with the new organization, fabric and felt.


Happy New Year to you, Larissa!


Oh my, is it OK if I am incredibly jealous of your fabric area???? Such gorgeous fabrics.
Happy 2010 my dear friend. I can not wait to see what this year holds for you


Happy New Year to you Larissa! Your space is cozy and warm!

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