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January 16, 2010


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First, the quilt and burp cloths turned out great. That's one lucky mother. Makes me kind of wish I had a little babe to make stuff for, but I'm at that in-between-spot in life....teenage kids and no one I know is having babies any more. Second, I love that granny square. The purples look wonderful. I've always made little squares -- never a huge one. It's something I must try.


The business of childhood is play. I hope the busy-ness never stops.

Your quilt is just a work of art. Lovely. Reminds me that I want to learn to sew :)

That husband of yours - he's a keeper.

Meg Evans

Lucky girl--a new camera lens! Have fun with it. I love the burp cloths--I just went around with the plain diaper over my shoulder. Who knew it could be so pretty?

I'm glad the busy-ness was able to take place outside--it's hard when the little ones are cooped up, isn't it?

Lisa Q

such good busy-ness you're into these days...love the happy photos of happy kids outside playing!...50 degrees will do wonders. I LOVE the baby quilt and the burp cloths. I used burp cloths all the time when my little ones were babes. Those are so stylish...great gift idea!


Great tip on the burp cloths! Thanks for sharing :) Looks like you guys had a fun weekend, getting outdoors at all this time of year is just wonderful.

The quilt looks great, and I LOVE the binding!


So loving the burp cloth idea. I think even I could sew that up! My cousin and his wife are expecting their first child in March...looks like a project to add to February!


Perfect weekend! And I'm loving the fabric you used for the burp cloths, very awesome!


That's a perfect kind of busyness! I need to unpack and re-engage myself in some of that this week!

p.s. nice hubby with the perfect gift!


Oh I love those burp cloths. I have a few mamas who are giving birth this summer, so these will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing such a great pattern


Ah busy indeed. I love that quilt, lucky baby!


That quilt is so cute and I'm bookmarking the burp clothes for the next time I need a baby gift. So cute and we all know how well need they are!

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