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January 19, 2010


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wishes, true and kind

Love the 40s/80s girl -- and those brownies look gooooooooooood!


Your tulips looks so pretty displayed on your table. Just a nice touch of Spring. I can't wait to see what you end up knitting -- the colors in that yarn are wonderful.

Meg Evans

Love the tulips, too. I almost bought some tulips yesterday, but I went with the cheaper "assorted flowers." Still, it cheers up the kitchen!

I am between knitting projects as well and it's making me crazy! Actually, I have the yarn to make a spring sweater, but it's still only January, so I'm feeling like I should make another wintry item...but I don't have enough wintry yarn! I look forward to seeing what you end up making.


Ooh. I am loving that yarn. And those brownies and that fabric.

Busy girl you are.


I got a recipe for brownies at weight watchers this week- low fat brownie mix and black beans! I'll let you know how those come out!
looking forward to your new projects!


umm, please share the pumpkin brownie recipe. i love adding canned pumpkin to stuff, makes me feel healthy :) plus i stocked up on libby's because of the supposed pumpkin shortage this year.... hmm, wonder when it'll run out?

Lisa Q

I smiled at your anxiousness in needing to cast on for something soon....I totally understand that need to have something on the needles but wanting to make it something worthwhile. Either one of those sweaters is going to be beautiful. Love them both. Love your tulips...After seeing yours, I'm realizing I'm in need of some fresh flowers. Have a great day in the big city!


you've been busy!
the brownies look great, i might have to try them out.
and what a lovely yarn!


Love the dress up outfit! I wonder if I'm too old for that look? That would be yes. Bummer.

Yummy looking brownies - I saw a recipe the other day calling for a banana to be added. New brownie trend to add fruit I guess!


The fabric you're using for your project is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you are making, I hope a tutorial is coming :)

Those brownies look great, and so does that yarn!


What a fun busy week end. I love the pattern you want to start and I agree with you Lucy's coat is so beautiful. I am waiting until I can justify buying more yarn ;o)

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

Oh...I love that poodle skirt. It is so funny how fashions go through cycles. Looking forward to your new project;)


Oh my, she is convering both decades beautifully :).
I can't wait to see what your design is, I am loving on those fabrics!


oops! totally missed the linky for the recipe. blonde moment!
p.s. love that bird print fabric


I'm planning to knit her mondi cable pullover. I love her patterns, even though I've yet to knit one. But this is the year!

theresa/t does wool

beautiful image...love the yarn

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