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January 26, 2010


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Ahhh, the smell of lavender. I can see why you're feeling happy today. Thanks for the advice on my too-small-bag issues....Why don't you write the tutorial and then I know I'll be able to follow the directions (hint, hint)?


Ooh what is the Valentine's craft? Looks like something fun :)


reading your post. really.seeing him coming home every night. seeing them all coming home, actually. baking.making pottery.making something useful in general.

Meg Evans

Lovely post. So nice to reflect on the little things that make us happy. And that baby! So cute!

I love your yarn for the cardi.


I can get a sweet whiff of the lavender over here! What a joy to make little things for others!


This blogging community is definitely making me happy these days, so many supportive and caring people!
Can't wait to see what you are making for Valentine's Day.


Looks like you're very happy!!
enjoy your time creating for others.


Oh Larissa! See, your gift inspired a flip! SO darn adorable!

You really did a wonderful job on that gift.

And thank you for the link to the lavender, I can't find it anywhere where I live!


What a beautiful post, and thank you so much for sharing that link at the bottom, really neat site to check out.

I can not wait to see everything that you are creating :)

Hip Mountain Mama

Thanks for sharing your happiness! Sitting by the fire today is the source of my happiness!


what great little treasures to keep you happy :) i'm happy today because the sun is shinning after weeks of overcast days! yay!


oh! larissa! that quilt! absolutely FANTASTIC with the cutest little guy to treasure it!

can't wait to see what you will be filling the "goodness" with!!!!!!
i'm sure i will want to make them, too!


Your post was very timely for me as I was wondering where I could find potpourri. Little things can bring big smiles.

Lisa Q

oh such goodness...can't wait to see all that those wonderful hands of yours are creating. enjoy your snow this weekend...can you hear the jealousy in my voice?

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