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January 08, 2010


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it looks quite a fast job as long as being organized is done ahead of time. Thank you for sharing.


What a great idea, I never thought to chain everything together to save time. Thanks for the tips!


GREAT post!


I am learning so much from you about quilting. And to think, I used to hop up to iron every two seconds. Somehow you make it all so simple. I hope you're compiling all these tips for a book someday. I'll buy it...Will you sign my copy? Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for such a great tutorial! A quilt is definitely on my list of things I want to make and I'll come back and review this tutorial when I'm getting closer :)

Note to self: buy sewing machine!


WOW! After reading this, I think I will try my first Quilt. Thanks so much. Great tutorial!

Meg Evans

Great tute--I like your system for ironing the odd and even rows in a certain direction. That will come in handy. I love, love, love those fabrics!

Account Deleted

so gorgeous. thank you for taking the time and making the effort to share this!


I learned that technique about a year ago and think it is genius! Thanks for putting together the nice tutorial. I love what you say at the end about the quilts even if the corners don't match up. I totally agree!

Lisa Q

another great tutorial...i'll have to get some fresh new fabrics and give this a try...may be another quilt coming in 2010. i think i can feel something springy emerging! thanks girl! and I love your ending....you are so right, the kids don't care whether the points match up, the love seems to cover all that up!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

this was just the encouragement I need to really get myself started on a quilt....a longtime dream project of mine.

thanks also for the scarf tutorial a while back . I apologize for not letting you know about posting the link...but I loved the project.

and also thank you for your kind words over on Heather's blog.

I'll be back;)


you are so great to do this! thank you...
you really make me want to sew!!!


I *love* to chain piece. Learning this technique opened up a whole new world to me :)


what a great tutorial! breaks it down really easily for someone to follow!


another wonderful post! already printed it out as a guide for my Christmas quilt coming this year!! all thanks to you and the inspiration you bring in your corner of blogland. THANKS for all the time it took to put this together.


Thank you for this detailed explanation. I'll be linking to this wonderful tutorial!

Linda Jeter

Wonderful tutorial,, Kudo's to you!!!

Pictures/visaul aid are great tools for us beginners/intermediate quilters.

Thanks again,
Linda J


Thanks for your great tutorial!I have been looking for a simple and clear tute on chain piecing.
Thanks again.

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