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December 20, 2009


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Happy Birthday to you! What a lovely day you had, and you are quite smart to point your husband in the right direction.

It seems like you had a very productive year in the lesson learning department. it's an amazing thing to truly be thankful and happy with what you have, isn't it?

this post made me smile. what a beautiful day.

kendall micayla

happiest of birthdays!!! xo


what a great post! makes me smile all the way through. love the necklace, sent a link to my hubby, since he is always looking for ideas.


Happy Birthday Larissa -- It sounds like you are well-loved by your family and isn't that the best gift of all? And the latkes look delicious. The cake does too -- but I'm so stuffed with sweets right now, that I'm not going to even look to closely at that picture! Have a great week.

Meg Evans

Happy birthday, Larissa! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and with everything you've learned this past year, you are also having a wonderful life! And the latkes look delicious, too. I love the necklace, and I love that you "pointed" your hubby in the right direction--how else will they know what we want?

Enjoy the next year.

Lisa Q

Happy Birthday dear friend....I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. I was thinking of you. Your necklace is beautiful, such a treasure. I'm glad you got the snow you've been wanting. Keep enjoying each and every moment.


Happy Birthday and what a lovely post. Your necklace is beautiful, I love the simplicity of it. Steph

wishes, true and kind

Happy Birthday! It looks like you're having a very special day :).

theresa/ t does wool

Happy Belated Larissa...
beautiful necklace...
and the flowers...thank you...
happy holidays.


Happy birthday Larissa!! I love the guided hand tip. Maybe I should start helping my husband that way too ;o)


Happy, Happy (belated) Birthday, Larissa! I'm sorry that I didn't get to this space sooner :-(

It sure sounds to me that you've got it right. Not only are you a blessed woman, but you're fully aware and enjoying it. All the best to you!!


Love the necklace. Happy Birthday!

Hip Mountain Mama

Sounds like such a sweet birthday! And so much to be grateful for, you remind me to slow down and pay attention to the beauty all around. I love your necklace! I love necklaces in general so think this makes such a special gift!
Happy Birthday!


Happy belated birthday L! I am glad you had wonderful moments with your family.



Happy Birthday! You are truly blessed.


Happy birthday to you both!


Happy belated birthday! It sounds like a perfect day from start to finish.

Your chocolate cake looks highly delicious ~ but I see only one candle ~ Steve tries to get away with that too!


Looks and sounds like it was a wonderful celebration.
Your necklace is perfect!! I love the circle design.
Blessing to you my dear friend!


Happy belated birthday! Looks as if you had a wonderful day!


Happy Belated Birthday! :) Love your necklaace.


happy happy birthday, larissa!
to you, i send warmest wishes for happy and most lovely days ahead.


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