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December 02, 2009


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your pillow is wonderful
the scarves look warm and cozy
and those natural wood items- LOVE!
I might need to print out your statement "practice moderation during this time of year" he. he. not sure I know what that is.


The colors of your pillow are fantastic. They really come together nicely. You're going to make some recipients very happy with your craftiness and thoughtfulness.

Meg Evans

Love the pillow--and what a great idea. I just felted a thrifted sweater and it's been sitting around because I don't know what to do with it! The scarves are wonderful, too. Oh, I'm fighting the urge to add "just one more" thing to my "to make" list. I've already abandoned a few ideas because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Oh, moderation, you're so much easier in theory than in practice!

Lisa Q

you've been busy! Love the pillow! Great way to repurpose a sweater. Thanks for the heads up on Tonya's items...they all look wonderful. Have a wonderful week!

Amy Herbst (Herbst Handmade)

I love the pillow! AND That is a great reminder... I often find myself overwhelmed with a growing to-do list.


Oh, I love that pillow. What a great idea for repurposing an old sweater

theresa/ t does wool

that pillow...I love it ;)!and the scarf and the wood...you are busy!


enjoy the homemade holidays. This year it's all about moderation and focussing on family.


I love the blue scarf!! I never have the patience for a scarf. Right now I'm finishing a tomten jacket and it is trying my patience!!


I love the pillow! I've recently started to mess around with thrifted sweaters...I'm a huge fan of sweater pants for babies!

I also love that memory game you picked up...how very beautiful!


oh...everything looks so good. love the pillow! I'm trying to enjoy the holidays too, that's why I've been missing from the blog world. Concentrating on having fun with the family! So far, so good!


Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.

David Nando

This is a brilliant idea. One of the problems faced by holiday makers is which gifts to buy for friends and the hefty costs associated with them. With your idea, one can spend a little time to fix a few little things items such as those nice scarves for gifts thereby saving money.

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aww how cute!

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