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December 07, 2009


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oh, i think you did a fantastic job justifying your joann fabrics purchases... and honestly... can you believe how long it takes to get fabric cut.... sometimes when i take a number i am like 10-15 people deep!!! CRAZY!
i just ordered enough yarn to make 4 thorpes. LOVE that pattern....
hope you are feeling back to yourself in no time.

Meg Evans

Cinnamon hot chocolate sounds delicious! Sorry to hear you've been sick, but so excited for your fabric purchases! I live too close to two smaller Joann stores...and about 45 minutes from a superstore.

I'm glad your family outing was a success--and your writing about knitting at the car dealership reminds me it's time to get my car inspected! And you're right about the ESPN.


Poor you....Chicken soup (that's what I'm telling all you cold-sufferers out there). I would happily whip up a batch, if technology was advanced enough to deliver it. Nice finds at JoAnn's. What's with the lines there? Last week I went in and was blown away by how many people were buying fabric and only one poor soul was cutting. Unfortunately, there aren't many options here in my area.

Lisa Q

Purchasing fabric is a well known remedy for the common cold. If you aren't feeling better soon, order some yarn! I'll be praying you feel better soon. The thorpe hat looks so soft and cozy. What yarn are you using?


You always need to add to your fabric stash! And what is it with the women that cut fabric in JoAnns. They are slow here too! Mmmmm, hopefully I will have time to make another Thorpe. Hope your cold goes away soon!


Buying fabric is a remedy for all know sicknesses! Didn't you know that. If you still feel lousy try some oscillococcinum. It sounds barbaric but it's a very good homeopathic treatment. It's approved by the french FDA so it's pretty safe.
You're a god send!! I so want to make the Thorpe but casting on DPN is not working for me, any advice??
And also do you have a pattern for the camera strap.

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