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November 14, 2009


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Helen McNaught

Sam and Lizzie are just so adorable! Well done! Although one would never wish a terrible storm to appear, the side effect of having no power for just a day or two would do us no harm at all! Reading by candlelight and spending time just being with your family - heaven!
So glad you suffered no damage to your home and hope your neighbourhood is recovering. Now I'm off to find all those board games we USED to play!!!!!


How fun for you all. Some of my best memories growing up were when the power went out due to a snowstorm. We bbq'd dinner, sat and read stories to each other by candlelight, played card, talked and laughed. It's great when mother nature conspires to force us to slow down for a few days.

Lisa Q

wow...you guys really got the brunt of the storm. we had lots of rain and some wind, but nothing like your storm. those stuffies are so fun! What a great idea to help fill the time. It's sunny here today...I hope it's shining on you guys too!


To be a child again ~ days off from school to play and have fun!

Love those Stuffies or whatever you called them. So cute and look like they will be well loved.


only a prepared mom can make it through surprise storms that bring power outtages. goodies to eat, projects to create, and love to pass the time are all a tribute to one great mom! so glad all is well at your house on the hill.

theresa/ t does wool

You made something beautiful happen from a terrible storm...wonderful.

Hip Mountain Mama

Way to go making these days fun for your kids! Sam and Lizzy are adorable! I love how you used the sweater arms...I may have to do this next time...and the button mouths, just adorable!


That sounds like an amazing way to spend some indoor time together. I love your snuffies, and that might be have a to be a family project for this week!

Hope this week is a little bit milder, weather wise, for all of you


It sure sounds like you made the best of a not so great situation!


Sounds like you knew just what to do. We've only one or two power outages and I thought I'd go CRAZY. I was completely unprepared! Thanks for the link to the stuffies too. My daughter would LOVE one.


It honestly sounds like lots of fun to me. I look forward to a snow storm or two so that I can stay home without making excuses and do absolutely nothing...but knit or needlepoint!


the stuffies are so great, and what a wonderful way to spend a couple of gloomy days.

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